Phase 1 – Creation

Module 1

We're diving in the deep end. 

This phase is all about getting our hands dirty with research and discovering opportunities to create a product by understanding the MAIN problem that our market is having. 

Then, in a straight-forward manner, creating a an actual product.

Module Structure

Creating A Product Your Market Actually Needs (And Wants!) 7 Lessons

Day 1 - Understanding Your Market

Today we're going to be going to be on researching their market through Amazon Reviews, Podcasts, Reddit Forms, etc and compiling the data into an excel spreadsheet. This will be used to show them how to look at what competitors are offering, how to differentiate, and what their market is looking for and buying

Day 2 - Find The Biggest Trend & Analyze

From the research that was done on the day prior, we'll look at what the results are and create "categories" - the category that shows up the most is what we'll recommend they create a product on. The secondary categories can be used as "bonuses" to value stack the main offer.

Day 3 - Mapping Out Your Product/Program

oday they'll get to work on creating an outline for their program. The first thing they need to do is to map it out. Want to stress the idea of keeping their program simple, concise, and specific to solve ONE problem which should be the main category that was discovered in the research. Probably a good idea to have them create videos - that way they can get them transcribed or something if they want to create power-point slides. Also the structure of each video and how it should have a beg, mid, end

Day 4 - Program Creation Day + Creating Assets To Increase The Value

This is where they should actually start to create program. We'll talk about how to keep it simple by using minimal equipment - pretty much just a phone  - if they have better equipment great but not needed.

Day 5 - Program Creation Day + Putting It Together

 In this video, they should pieces of their program but not the who thing so today we'll go into editing and how to add the intro to the video, outro, add logo, create a thumbnail in Canva. We'll probably talk about how to use Adobe Premier Pro but the process will work for anything other major editing software - realy basic training - Show them how to organize their project files and create templates to make the editing easier

Day 6 - Program Creation Day + Uploading to YouTube/Vimeo

Ideally, their program/project should be completed today, if not they have a good idea of how it works but we should walk them through how to upload everything onto a video host

Day 7 - Rest Day + Live Q&A

Live Q&A Will be hosted today.