Phase II – Monetization

Module 2

Module Structure

Setting Up The Sales Funnel For You To Get Paid 7 Lessons

Day 8 - Setting Up The Content Area

Using clickfunnels, we'll show them how to map out the members area and how to upload their videos and customize the pages for their needs. With the funnel link we'll provide them at the start they should already have a template ready to go for them to modify:

Day 9 - Setting Up Your Sales Page + Shopping Cart

They'll already have a template built out for both the sale page and the shopping cart but will be beneficial to talk about the layout of the sales page. Martin will provide his "sales-page" layout and do a brief overview of how and why it works. Oscar will show them how they can edit things on clickfunnels and move things around as well as how to set up the shopping cart.

Day 10 - Bonuses + Fear Of Missing Out Strategies

Dive into how to create sweet bonuses from the research we did on day one and how to leverage them on the sales page

Day 11 - Creating A Video Sales Letter

Give them a basic script they can follow so they can shoot their video sales letter and add video to the sales page.

Day 12 - Integrating Your Email Service Provider + Writing Your Welcome Email

At this point, they'll have their membership area done, sales page ready, and checkout page ready to go. It just has not been linked up to their auto-responder yet so we'll do a walk-through with ActiveCampaign on how to do that. We'll also review a welcome email.

Day 13 - Setting Up Facebook (Page, Business Manager, Pixels)

Walk through of Facebook Business Manager and how to create their page and set everything up on the inside