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Hi I'm Oscar! A sought-after consultant, coach, and speaker specializing in profitable paid traffic funnels and I'm giving away my little-known systems for turning your knowledge into profit and making more sales - automatically. Use the form below to access my daily marketing tips and build a business that fuels the lifestyle you want...


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Helped Me Focus On A Market And Streamlined Every Step Of The Way

To anyone who is on the fence regarding the validity of Oscar's work, I can definitively vouch for him. He's accessible, doesn't withhold information when asked a legitimate question. Does not make you feel stupid for asking simple, novice or inexperienced questions, is welcoming, giving and helpful and will damn near give you the shirt off of his back when you ask him for help. I will be launching my "Rise Xpo: The Rideshare Expo" virtual summit due to his teachings and templates. Utilizing these tools has helped me focus on a market and streamlined every step of the way toward launching a virtual summit.

David Pacheco Jr. CEO, DavidDrives203

He's My Secret Weapon

If you want to get more leads, more customers and more clients, you need to have more conversions. There is nobody better than Oscar Garcia. In fact, he's my secret weapon and I almost don't want to tell you about him. I help my clients get more customers, until they beg me to stop, by looking at strategies, by looking at tactics, positioning, pricing, offers, all those sorts of things like copy-writing. But in the end, I need a system that can automate what happens 24/7 that makes money when I'm busy, sleeping or out playing with my family. I just wanted to take a moment to thank Oscar for what he does and reveal this resource to you. Whenever he makes an offer, I'm on it. He's honest. He's reliable. He does whatever it takes. He's passionate about what he does and nobody I know right now knows more about Facebook ads than Oscar, but it's more than that. The Facebook ad is just the beginning. It's the conversion, it's the bringing them through the sales process in your marketing, that's what I really love about Oscar. He's a great man and I highly recommend him and I use him all the time. So Oscar, doing this for you, I'm outing one of my best resources because you're worth it.


An Excellent Blueprint On How to Bring My Online Business to The Next Level!

Oscar provided me with an excellent blueprint on how to bring my online business to the next level. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an expert in his field. What made the interaction especially valuable is that he explains everything in a very understandable way. He breaks the knowledge down in pieces and is detailed without getting fuzzy. He was genuinely interested in my business and field of expertise and tailored his advice and examples to my field. On top of that, Oscar has a to the point, amicable personality. I had a good time talking with him.

Nienke Thurlings CEO, Jong Burnout