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  • How To Get More Sales Without Feeling "Salesy" - Create what your market actually wants so you can position it as a no-brainer (The key is to make an invitation rather than a sale).
  • You Need A Complicated Sales Funnel, Right? Wrong! - You don't need multiple upsells, downsells, or order bumps. In fact, doing so can harm the relationship with your customer (This ONE trick allows you to keep it simple and make it easier for you and your market).
  • The Truth About Converting Cold Traffic Into Customers - It's all about communicating in a language your market understands and appreciates (This A.E.V. Model cranks up your "Know, Like, & Trust" factor to the next level). 
  • Helps You Put A System In Place That Will Help You Generate Sales Automatically - Once you figure out what your numbers need to be, you can identify how much money you're going to get back for every $1 you spend (Even before you launch a campaign!)
  • Gets You More Leads To Buy Your Product Or Services - You don't have a traffic problem, you have a conversion problem and it's all about increasing the precieved value (and making sure your market understands what you want them to buy). 
  • Makes It Easy To Create A Funnel That Turns Prospects Into Leads And Leads Into Customers - Using this "Line of Logic" method, you can get a funnel up and going in no time (Here's the secret: Start With Your Offer)
  • Gives You The Peace Of Mind Knowing That You Have A Sales System In Place That Runs On Auto-pilot - Imagine waking up to emails saying you got paid every morning. It's a possibility (and I'm not kidding). 
  • Avoid Building A Complicated Sales Funnel That Does Not Covert - This ONE research tactic ensures that you launch a sales funnel your market is actually going to want to open up their wallets for (Ethically, while providing a tremendous amount of value). 
  • The Real SECRET For Making Your Content Profitable - We only ever talk about content once the strategy is created, otherwise you're wasting your time (and your money). 
  • How To Understand Your Customer And Place The Right Offer At The Right Time To Maximize Sales - Only a small percentage of leads will buy immediately which means you have a massive opportunity to convert more prospects down the road (and turn them into raving customers). 
  • Effortlessly Create The Right Kind Of "Hook" To Attract The Audience You Need And Want - Build your email list rapidly with the RIGHT kind of leads that are looking for a solution that you can offer them (Rather than building a list full of cheap leads with no intention of buying). 
  • Quickly Get Your Sales Funnel Up And Running With Limited Tech And Without An Expensive Developer - You can do a lot with a limited amount to tech support (enough to get you going and bringing in some cash). 
  • Escape From The Worry And Stress Of Having To Implement The Strategy Into Your Business - There are a ton of shiny objects out there wanting your attention, with this training, you get a tried and true system (That will bring you results too). 
  • Discover The Best Way To MAX Out Your Conversion Rates - We're talking about 70%+ conversion rates (The new wave of marketing is all about since, not if). 
  • STOP Worrying About Whether Or Not You Going To Be Able To Make It Happen - You can and you're not alone (I used to be in your shoes!). 

This training is jam-packed with marketing tips you can apply in your business today and see results in your bank account tomorrow. It's yours free when you type in your email address below:


Your information is 100% safe.

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Most of All, Clarity, Like Super Clarity.

Oscar knows what he's talking about and can do it with a good sense of humor which not everybody can do.

Most of all, clarity, like super clarity. One of the things I struggle most with is overthinking an over complicating things.

Oscar was able to boom, boom, boom, you know, kind of layout a really simple, easy to understand plan. With not knowing me or my business before we started but by the end of the hour, I was on it.

I still, I have this plan that I'm working on and , I'm on fire, it feels great.

My favorite thing about the coaching call was how much fun was had. We must have laughed through half of it because it was so much fun coming up with different ideas for my business and how to market it.

Thanks again, Oscar. This was great and really if you have the opportunity to do a call with him, do it. Do it, do it, do it. Thanks so much.

Kimberly Stewart Owner, Be Weird Make Money

He's My Secret Weapon

If you want to get more leads, more customers and more clients, you need to have more conversions.

There is nobody better than Oscar Garcia. In fact, he's my secret weapon and I almost don't want to tell you about him.

I help my clients get more customers, until they beg me to stop, by looking at strategies, by looking at tactics, positioning, pricing, offers, all those sorts of things like copy-writing.

But in the end, I need a system that can automate what happens 24/7 that makes money when I'm busy, sleeping or out playing with my family.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Oscar for what he does and reveal this resource to you.

Whenever he makes an offer, I'm on it. He's honest. He's reliable. He does whatever it takes.

He's passionate about what he does and nobody I know right now knows more about Facebook ads than Oscar, but it's more than that. The Facebook ad is just the beginning. It's the conversion, it's the bringing them through the sales process in your marketing, that's what I really love about Oscar.

He's a great man and I highly recommend him and I use him all the time. So Oscar, doing this for you, I'm outing one of my best resources because you're worth it.


I Couldn't Scribble Notes Fast Enough!

At first, I thought that I was a small fish in a huge pond for Oscar. We had a small list. We're new. And I thought, "He works with people that are doing bigger and better things than I am."

But, once I kinda got over that hump and worked with him, I learned differently.

The I scheduled a coaching call with Oscar and it was tremendous!

We spent an hour on Zoom, actually. I couldn't scribble notes fast enough!

He really listened to the things that I was looking for help with. But then also took me one step further. One of my biggest pet peeves is when somebody tells me what to do, but they don't tell me how to do it.

Oscar not only gave me the what's, but he gave me the how's. To me that is just priceless. There's tremendous value to that. I got off that call not only with a list of things to get started with, but I knew exactly how I was gonna go about implementing that. So, that was fantastic.


My Life Has Completely Changed

Hey, it's JR Haworth from Renegade Soccer Training. I just wanna share a little bit with you about what has happened over the past two years since we've been working with Oscar Garcia.

The reason why is 'cause, my life has completely changed and I can say that just looking at you straight in the face. I can promise you that your life also can completely change if you're coming forth with the kind of energy and passion because Oscar Garcia literally has the expertise to take you from an idea up through a real business and now we are going to on the stage to dominate our market.

We literally went from an idea to a business. Last year in 2017, we did like $665,000.00 in revenue on about $215,000.00 on Facebook ads. That's over a 200% on R.O.I. You know? That kind of freedom that comes with that level of financial success is something that it can't be overemphasized.

So if you're just starting out and you got an idea and stuff, He knows exactly what you need to do to get the next stage of business. He knows exactly what you need to concentrate on an entrepreneur.

And he's gonna help you make your customers better and that's kinda where it's all at. For me, that's where all the fulfillment is. The 15,000 kids that are getting better because of Renegade Soccer Training each and every month. It's unbelievable. So thanks, Oscar. Literally thanks for everything. I mean we're a business now and we're gonna dominate this year.


It Was Great Identifying Where The Fixes Needed To Happen

My favorite thing from working with Oscar was the laid out action steps that we could immediately implement into our business and to grow.

We definitely walked away with some real action steps that we could use right away and we're really looking forward to seeing the results over the next couple of weeks.

It was great how he was quickly able to grasp some of the challenges that we were going through and really identify the core of the problem we where struggling with.

It was great identifying where the fixes needed to happen.


I Am Now On The Right Track With His Help

I had a fantastic breakthrough session with Oscar. It was about Facebook ads and landing pages. I liked the fact that he did a lot of preliminary homework to get to know my business BEFORE our session. That was definitely time-consuming for him so I was very appreciative. It made the actual session more useful and practical. He offered step-by-step advice in absorbable chunks. I did not feel overwhelmed. What struck me was how easy it was for him to say, without reading, what I should include in the landing page. I just could not write fast enough. Fortunately he sent me a link of the conversation so that I can re-write what he said. Along with the link, he sent a recap email which was totally unexpected. Again, I am sure that recap was time-consuming so I was blown away. Oscar definitely over-delivered. I was so impressed that I asked him for another session so that we can go over the ideas and changes he suggested. I am meeting with my webmaster to implement what he suggested. I feel that I am now in the right track and with his help, I will be able to go to the next level in my business.


Helped Me Focus On A Market And Streamlined Every Step Of The Way

To anyone who is on the fence regarding the vailidity of Oscar's work, I can definitively vouch for him.

He's accessible, doesn't withhold information when asked a legitimate question. Does not make you feel stupid for asking simple, novice or inexperienced questions, is welcoming, giving and helpful and will damn near give you the shirt off of his back when you ask him for help.

I will be launching my "Rise Xpo: The Rideshare Expo" virtual summit due to his teachings and templates. Utilizing these tools has helped me focus on a market and streamlined every step of the way toward launching a virtual summit.

David Pacheco Jr. CEO, DavidDrives203

So Many "Ah-ha" Moments!

My fear before working with Oscar was how in the world I would explain my vision, it's ecosystem.

Yet, He came across as an amazing champion for me.

I was able to get my head out of the forest above and gain a new perspective. I was able to clearly see how I could engage my customers throughout their surgical journey.

Oscar was brilliant.

I walked away with a specific game plan that allowed me to see how how a customer would want our education and then how to guide them to what they really need.

So many aha moments....

At one point, the only thing I could do was like, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, Oscar."

Maria del Carmen Uceda CEO, Fully Alive Health

An Excellent Blueprint On How to Bring My Online Business to The Next Level!

Oscar provided me with an excellent blueprint on how to bring my online business to the next level. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an expert in his field.

What made the interaction especially valuable is that he explains everything in a very understandable way. He breaks the knowledge down in pieces and is detailed without getting fuzzy. He was genuinely interested in my business and field of expertise and tailored his advice and examples to my field.

On top of that, Oscar has a to the point, amicable personality. I had a good time talking with him.

Nienke Thurlings CEO, Jong Burnout

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