21 Day Black Friday Challenge

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About this course

Welcome to the 21-Day Black Friday Challenge!

Join Oscar Garcia, Jose Aviles, JR Haworth, & Martin Wales as they show you how, in just 3 weeks, you can go from not having a product, to having a solution that solves a specific problem for your market so you can take advantage of the Black Friday - Cyber Monday holiday weekend. 

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Course Structure

1 Chapter

Phase 1 - Creation

We're diving in the deep end. 

This phase is all about getting our hands dirty with research and discovering opportunities to create a product by understanding the MAIN problem that our market is having. 

Then, in a straight-forward manner, creating a an actual product.

Creating A Product Your Market Actually Needs (And Wants!) 7 Lessons

Day 1 - Understanding Your Market

Today we're going to be going to be on researching their market through Amazon Reviews, Podcasts, Reddit Forms, etc and compiling the data into an excel spreadsheet. This will be used to show them how to look at what competitors are offering, how to differentiate, and what their market is looking for and buying

Day 2 - Find The Biggest Trend & Analyze

From the research that was done on the day prior, we'll look at what the results are and create "categories" - the category that shows up the most is what we'll recommend they create a product on. The secondary categories can be used as "bonuses" to value stack the main offer.

Day 3 - Mapping Out Your Product/Program

oday they'll get to work on creating an outline for their program. The first thing they need to do is to map it out. Want to stress the idea of keeping their program simple, concise, and specific to solve ONE problem which should be the main category that was discovered in the research. Probably a good idea to have them create videos - that way they can get them transcribed or something if they want to create power-point slides. Also the structure of each video and how it should have a beg, mid, end

Day 4 - Program Creation Day + Creating Assets To Increase The Value

This is where they should actually start to create program. We'll talk about how to keep it simple by using minimal equipment - pretty much just a phone  - if they have better equipment great but not needed.

Day 5 - Program Creation Day + Putting It Together

 In this video, they should pieces of their program but not the who thing so today we'll go into editing and how to add the intro to the video, outro, add logo, create a thumbnail in Canva. We'll probably talk about how to use Adobe Premier Pro but the process will work for anything other major editing software - realy basic training - Show them how to organize their project files and create templates to make the editing easier

Day 6 - Program Creation Day + Uploading to YouTube/Vimeo

Ideally, their program/project should be completed today, if not they have a good idea of how it works but we should walk them through how to upload everything onto a video host

Day 7 - Rest Day + Live Q&A

Live Q&A Will be hosted today. 

Setting Up The Sales Funnel For You To Get Paid 7 Lessons

Day 8 - Setting Up The Content Area

Using clickfunnels, we'll show them how to map out the members area and how to upload their videos and customize the pages for their needs. With the funnel link we'll provide them at the start they should already have a template ready to go for them to modify:

Day 9 - Setting Up Your Sales Page + Shopping Cart

They'll already have a template built out for both the sale page and the shopping cart but will be beneficial to talk about the layout of the sales page. Martin will provide his "sales-page" layout and do a brief overview of how and why it works. Oscar will show them how they can edit things on clickfunnels and move things around as well as how to set up the shopping cart.

Day 10 - Bonuses + Fear Of Missing Out Strategies

Dive into how to create sweet bonuses from the research we did on day one and how to leverage them on the sales page

Day 11 - Creating A Video Sales Letter

Give them a basic script they can follow so they can shoot their video sales letter and add video to the sales page.

Day 12 - Integrating Your Email Service Provider + Writing Your Welcome Email

At this point, they'll have their membership area done, sales page ready, and checkout page ready to go. It just has not been linked up to their auto-responder yet so we'll do a walk-through with ActiveCampaign on how to do that. We'll also review a welcome email.

Day 13 - Setting Up Facebook (Page, Business Manager, Pixels)

Walk through of Facebook Business Manager and how to create their page and set everything up on the inside

Telling Your Market About It 7 Lessons

Day 15 - Set Up Facebook Ads Campaign + Ad Copy

Breakdown of creating a Facebook campaign and how to write ad copy

Day 16 - Setting Up Retargeting Ads

Breakdown of creating retargeting ads for people that visit sales page and don't but plus those that visit checkout and don't buy

Day 17 - Pre-Black Friday Sale - Get it Before The Rush!

An overview of how to have the sale before the sale to maximize sales. Show them how to create an ad on Facebook for that specific ad. Advise them to run ad the week before and leading up to Black Friday. So From Nov 23 to 29.

Day 18 - Creating A Social Media Contest

Walk through how they can create a contest that relies on a powerful story to increase engagement