January 2, 2023

In this podcast episode, we explore the secrets behind Laura Egocheaga’s successful coaching and consulting business. From marketing strategies and ad spend to team structure and tech stack, we delve into the nitty gritty of how Laura has grown her business to a monthly revenue of $150,000. Plus, we get some tips on how to avoid self-sabotage and just “put in the work.”

In this episode, we ask the question, how is it possible to make a hundred thousand dollars a month or more selling a course with perhaps limited tech and a limited team?

By doing so, we hope to cut through the noise and really have a solid understanding of what it actually takes to sell your course and generate some life-changing income without all the headache.

That’s why today we are joined by Laura Egocheaga, CEO of Viral Growth Media, who has done the deep work in terms of understanding how to find her ideal customer and create a sales experience that totally makes her offer a no-brainer.

Now, if you’re a course creator, you’re totally gonna love how to run a simplified, yet highly efficient business. You’re gonna learn how to create a course that more of your customers will actually complete, and you’re gonna learn how to run your business like a boss.

“You have to start within and become the person that deserves that type of income.” – Laura Egocheaga

Show Value Bombs:

  • Laura Egocheaga’s company, Viral Growth Media focuses on product development and getting the best results, rather than just customer acquisition. Even when it comes to selling her courses. Doing so allows her to build a solid reputation among her clients and create goodwill that allows her clients to bring on more referrals.

  • When it comes to getting more people to complete your course, take a look at the emotion that is stopping them, then think about what you need to create in order to remove that emotion.

  • With a very limited tech stack, Laura and her team manage to generate $100K – $150K/Month. A big part of that is the amazing guarantee Laura offers to truly make her course an irresistible offer.

Here’s a brief overview of the episode:

  • [00:00:31] Oscar: What kind of course is it? Is it like, here’s how to grow your business? What is the actual material that’s being taught along with the group coaching? Laura: A program that can take you from zero to a million dollars a year in twelve months.
  • [00:05:38] Laura I spent so much time developing the curriculum to then find out people weren’t able to digest it. That’s why the group coaching aspect of it is such a key component. We’re on our third round of beta and we’re still developing this program.
  • [00:16:18] Oscar: How do you attract and filter through the people that are coming into and buying through this course? Laura: It’s literally what we teach them to do. Once a strategy call is booked, they have a homework page where they got to do the steps to be prepared.
  • [00:26:40] New entrepreneurs don’t understand how to save money and how to budget directly. She was selling $5,000 fitness programs to working with high level executives. Making all this money, she didn’t save. Now it just means we’re going to create a new part of the program bonus module manager money.
  • [00:32:04] We’re going heavy on content creation for YouTube and short form content. We are focusing on creating just specific content to just help out our niche.
  • [00:41:18] Laura: How is your team structured? There’s a front end team and a back end team. The front end is all the sales department, client acquisition, marketing stuff. The back end is the team that does fulfillment. We’re bringing on more people to systematize accountability and discipline.

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About Laura Egocheaga

Meet Laura, one of America’s top 5 growth hackers and on the Forbes 1000 to Watch List. She’s spoken at the biggest tech conferences around the globe, including the CES and Web Summit. And get this – she started working with Fortune 100 companies at the ripe old age of 17! Now, she’s the mastermind behind Viral Growth Media and author of “The Experts Playbook: How To Productize And Sell Your Knowledge At Scale” But don’t let her impressive resume fool you – before all this, she was selling cars thanks to her uncle. She has made the most of it and now she’s helping B2B coaches scale their businesses at record pace!

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