Transcript: Ep #075 How Laura Egocheaga Generates $100k-$150k Per Month With Her Course

Oscar Garcia: [00:00:00] This is the OMG Show, the podcast that helps course creators grow their business with profitable paid traffic funnels.

My name is Oscar Garcia and my mission is to help you, the course creator, drive more traffic and convert more customers so that you can have a thriving and sustainable business.

Now, in today’s episode, we asked question, how is it possible to make a hundred thousand dollars a month or more selling a course with perhaps limited tech and a limited team.

By doing so, we hope to cut through the noise and really have a solid understanding of what it actually takes to sell your course and generate some life-changing income without all the headache.

That’s why today we are joined by Laura Egoheaga, CEO of Viral Growth Media, who has done the deep work in terms of understanding how to find her ideal customer and create a sales experience that totally makes her offer a no-brainer.

Now, if you’re a course creator, you’re totally gonna love how to run a simplified yet highly efficient business. You’re gonna learn how to create a course that more of your customers [00:01:00] will actually complete, and you’re gonna learn how to run your business like a boss.

Now before we get into the episode, just wanna make sure that you state to the end of the podcast to discover how you can join a community, of course creators that will give you the attention, accountability, and access to the resources to help you launch, run, and scale your course from anywhere.

With that, let’s go ahead and get started.

All right, Laura, so we’re gonna go through a certain few categories here, but the first thing I wanna talk about is definitely the offer, becasue I think most course creators or more business people in general kind of forget about the offer. They think about all the marketing first, but in this case, with your specific course, what is the actual offer that you’re putting out there?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, for sure. So it’s an irresistible offer. We have a double your money back guarantee, so like for wasting your time, I will not only give you your money back, but I’ll double it if we can’t get you the result that we’re promising, which the result that we’re promising is that they profit from their investment with us.

So this [00:02:00] is a $22,500 price and that is our incentive based pricing. So this is for people that make a decision within, the 72 hours of being pitched.

Also like a key thing cuz it’s a $45,000 program. So that’s like a key thing too. Like it’s not a course that we’re selling even though it is, it’s.

It’s a course, but it’s a program because we do it in a group coaching setting. Because what we’ve able been able to see is that, you know, people want a real transformation. And a real transformation doesn’t happen without accountability and discipline. And that’s what the group coaching thing does, is it holds ’em accountable one day out of the week to, to show up and let us know that they actually did what they said they were gonna do.

Oscar Garcia: Got it. So the actual course portion of it what kind of course is it? Is it like, here’s how to grow your business? Is it like a social media course? What is the actual material that’s being taught along with the group [00:03:00] coaching?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so it’s all about finding product market fit, building a an actual sales team, and then building out the operations for your organization. So this is literally a program that can take you from zero to a million dollars a year in 12 months.

Oscar Garcia: So essentially from idea all the way through execution, optimization and all that kind of good stuff. Right?. Okay. Um, could you go into like how it’s structured? Are there like separate modules, certain lessons within each module? How’s that structured?

Laura Egocheaga: For sure. So it’s a 10 module program and I think there’s like two bonus modules. But essentially we start off with money mindset because what we realized when we first rolled out the program is that there were a lot of limiting beliefs. and just stories that people would tell themselves that would cause them to self-sabotage.

So we first started with with Avatar and offer like the traditional route, but like we, it was such a [00:04:00] problem that people were self-sabotaging that I had to roll out. And I’m not a life coach, bro. , I’m not a, I’m not a, like, I’m not that type of person, you know what I’m saying? I just had to dig deep within myself and be like, okay, when I was in this situation, what were the resources I used?

So it’s heavy on you know, differentiating what’s a revenue generating activity versus, you know, busy work. It’s heavy into healing from whatever happened in your childhood because that holds a lot of people back. Like, it’s mind blowing how many people self-sabotage because their parents didn’t love them.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. And I think you mentioned last time when we spoke that you actually used an app in order to overcome some of those beliefs for yourself, right? To make the big jump.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so I use a lot of hypnotherapy. And specifically it’s called Brain Sync on Apple Music. This lady, Kelly Howell, has really good meditations that I love to listen to on a daily basis. It’s actually part of my daily routine and I recommend it to everybody that I speak to.

And [00:05:00] then we also have a resource called rest. This is an organization created by neuroscientists and they specialize in just hypnotherapy and getting rid of the root cause that’s causing all your problems. Because essentially what happens is, like, we experience this one thing, whether it’s in this life or a past life, but it just keeps repeating over and over and over again.

So they go into the root of it, they fucking cut it out at the root, and then it stops.

Oscar Garcia: Wow. Okay. So essentially you’re pretty much doing that and kind of, obviously you’re not, you don’t have these apps available, but in module one of your course, it’s look, let’s get your mind right before we go ahead and start tackling all these different obstacles.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah. It’s all about breaking the limiting beliefs around money. Having self-love because that’s like, everybody thinks that, you know, I’m gonna be a millionaire because of something external that’s gonna come in. , but that’s not true. It you have to start within and become the person that deserves [00:06:00] that type of income.

Oscar Garcia: I like that. That’s powerful. Now did this come about, like after you created the course and you just realized that people coming in were if they don’t get it? Or how did that come to be?

Laura Egocheaga: Dude, that’s, it’s crazy. So like, you know, obviously I believe in mentors and coaches, so I went to like the top guru for course creation and they’re like, Hey, just document your process. Biggest mistake I could have ever made. Dude, it wasted so much time. I spent so much time developing the curriculum.

To then find out people weren’t able to digest it. There was more questions than answers. And that’s why the group coaching aspect of it is such a key component because I was able to get that feedback in real time. So I was able to make those adjustments in real time. But yeah, I think we’re on our like, A third round of beta.

And we’re still developing this program. Like there, there’s been a lot of gaps we’ve seen, like not holding people accountable enough not helping them develop the discipline muscle enough. So now I actually brought in a chief success officer and he’s focused on just that for this specific.[00:07:00]

Oscar Garcia: Wow. Incredible. Can you gimme a real quick recap or overview of all the other modules that are included? Cause I know the first one is kind of like the mindset, but what are, what’s the kind of path that you’re leading people through throughout this course?

Laura Egocheaga: For sure. So the whole objective of this program is to find product market fit organically so that we can partner on a revshare basis on paid ads.

Oscar Garcia: It’s smart.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, I gotta, you know what I thought it was like I gotta create my ideal clients and I kept dealing with people hiring me. But guess what? They didn’t have a sales team.

They didn’t know how to close deals like it, it was. The sales department wasn’t actually built. So now we’re reverse engineering the whole thing. We’re giving everything to them. So the way the modules work is, module one is money mindset, module two is offer module three is avatar. And I know some people might see this from marketing background and they’re like, oh, that’s a little backwards, But it’s because our ideal customer that goes through this program already has a high ticket offer.

You know what I’m saying? So we [00:08:00] wanna fix, we wanna get them results as fast as possible. And the fastest way that you can, you know, double the profitability of your company is by fixing your offer first. So we go offer first, then avatar, then we go into storytelling.

So we help them create. Not only like for their VSL, but like we help them create social media content based on the limiting beliefs of their avatar. So that’s all Module four is, and it breaks down like the big domino, all the expert secret stuff from Russell Brunson. That’s what module four is focused on.

Module five is all about the organic outreach. So booking appointments through the platform we leverage the most is LinkedIn because we’re focused on B2B coaches and. So we help them set up their LinkedIn profiles, set up the automation software that’s gonna do that. And then we go into the full scope of what the program entails for outreach, which is LinkedIn first, then email, then text, then call.

So we [00:09:00] help them implement that outreach system into their business. Um, And then we go into sales training. That’s module six. It’s all about sales training. So I have my VP of Sales, Dylan Starr, dude, honestly the best sales trainer out there, like in a true practitioner. This man was closing $100K, $150K, $250K deals with me before we actually even developed this program.

The reason we developed this program is because he was like, Laura, we’re turning away 99.9% of the people we talked to let’s because we’re selling those like a hundred k plus deals. Let’s create something a little bit more low ticket. And like this program started off at $5K beta pricing, now it’s at $22.5K because of the type of results people are getting by going through it.

And that’s all we do is just showcase results. One of our clients just closed a half a million dollar deal

Oscar Garcia: wow.

Laura Egocheaga: Like it pays for itself, bro, by learning. Just, she’s only at that point, she had only gone through like the offer part.[00:10:00]

Oscar Garcia: All right, but module six is where the big bang for your buck is, right? The

Laura Egocheaga: module six is all the sales training stuff. Breakdown of like a sales organization. You know, the, your sales manifesto that you need to have for people to get onboarded. And then module seven covers. What the fuck does module seven cover? Oh yeah. Video sales letter.

Oscar Garcia: It’s so, module six is so good. The other two are, you know, Hey

Laura Egocheaga: So module seven is all about video sales letter. You know, automating that part of the sales process because it’s a key component, right, to having an online business. Having something that proposes your value statement, your sales argument on autopilot, right? That’s what everybody gets sold . But

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. I love it. And so what what made you want to I know you kind of hinted at this before, but you mentioned that some people, they couldn’t just do the course by themselves. They had to have that group coaching element kind of tied into it.

So when you first launched the beta at 5k, did that already come with the [00:11:00] group coaching or did the group coaching kind of come later?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so it was always a group coaching program. What we add on as a bonus, not a part of the deliverables, it’s strictly just a bonus, is one-on-one access to me with 30 minute increments and one-on-one access to our leadership team.

Oscar Garcia: Gotcha, gotcha. Okay. And do you feel like that has, you know, accelerated the results or amplified the results of those that are actually going through the course?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah. So of course the one-on-one is next level stuff, but it’s essential. So like our goal is to create a program where you don’t need anyone one-on-one access at all. , right? That’s the ideal scenario. We created the perfect product. We can sell this to fucking everyone. We’re just not there yet, right?

Like we’re three years or no. Yeah. We’re going on three years into this. We’re. We’re working on just making sure we understand all the questions that come up, and not just the questions, but the emotions. I think that’s a perspective that a lot of course creators don’t take into account is like, what are the [00:12:00] emotions that are coming up for your participants that’s stopping them from getting that outcome or doing that worksheet or whatever, like, and then how do we clear that?


Oscar Garcia: I think that’s powerful because I was reading that like around 3% of people actually ever go through a course that they purchase, right?

Laura Egocheaga: Bro

Oscar Garcia: that, that,

Laura Egocheaga: that’s, go through

Oscar Garcia: that’s go through, right? Go through, not even actually apply or implement. Right? And it’s like, you know, I don’t know, a typical course that you find on a webinar is like $2,000 or something like that, right?

But it’s like people are buying course after course, after course, but yet they’re not going through it. And it’s um, you know, there’s some people out there that is just like, hey, it’s up to them to go through it. Uh, But I like your approach where you’re kind of like, let’s look at the emotion that’s stopping them from completing and actually doing something about it.


Laura Egocheaga: For sure. And I mean, so the reason why I approach things this way is because our offer is fucking crazy, right? Our guarantee is not just you get your money back, I’m going to double it up for wasting your time. [00:13:00] So that’s actually when I first rolled that out, that was super stressful for me.

But like I, I was confident, I was confident in myself.

I’m like, I know I can get these people results. Even if I have to fucking hop on a call with them every day. I know I can get them to where they want to go. That was never a doubt. It, then it became like, oh shit. You have internal things that are, that’s the reason why you’re self sabotaging. Fuck. Now I have to provide support for that,

Even though that’s not what this program is.

Oscar Garcia: Right. But it’s such a big part of the result of making sure that they don’t come back and say, Hey Laura, I invested $22K, now you owe me $44K, right? Something like that. Yeah. That’s powerful. That’s powerful. Okay, so. How long is this? Is this group coaching? Is it like a, is it one year?

Is it three month interval? Is it six

Laura Egocheaga: It’s a full 12 month. It started off as a fuck. It started off as a three month program. And I was just like, wait, no way. They can’t do this shit in three months.

Oscar Garcia: Pretty ambitious there.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah.[00:14:00] , and then we extended out to six months and realized like, damn, you know, life happens to people. Let’s make this a full 12 month program because if you can’t do it in 12 months, there’s something wrong with me. There’s something wrong with the teachings.

And you know, a lot of people deal with chargebacks and disputes and stuff like that. So we’ve had, I think what like 120 people enroll into the program. In this last year alone, and we’ve only had three disputes or three chargebacks. One was the full amount actually, so two were the full amount.

and then one was like this dude that we let in at a trial basis or whatever. Um, Stupid don’t fucking do trials. These people are weak, bro But um, but we were able to win back every single chargeback. Dude, that’s the crazy part because our, terms of service agreement is very, [00:15:00] very clear, and it specifically states, you know, you cannot fucking charge back.

Oscar Garcia: Well, I mean, I think that’s important too, cuz I know many course creators are always hesitant on their guarantees and what can happen. And then like, I mean, what a typical if you’re doing things right, I would say your guarantee rate is probably less than 3%. And I think that’s kind of where you’re at.

You have, you said you had 130 and only three people kind of, you know, went through that route. But it’s crucial in understanding that. But I think the fact that you offer that as like an irresistible offer. Like, Hey, look, if we don’t get you with the results, we’re not only gonna give you the original investment, but we’re gonna double it.

That to me is like a no-brainer. You know?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, like what do

Oscar Garcia: it. You know,

Laura Egocheaga: All the weight is on my

Oscar Garcia: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. It’s kind of like, all right, perfect. Well bet,

Laura Egocheaga: let’s make this happen.

The only bad part is that , it could attract the wrong people. It could attract the type of person that only is in it to get that profit essentially.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. All right. Well, let’s I feel like we’re gonna, we’re going into the next direction, which is kind of like the funnel, right? Because now that we have the offer, which is [00:16:00] like, okay, look, here’s a $22,000 done with you course. You get the group coaching, you get these eight modules. Module six is really great, right?

It’s awesome, but before we actually get to the sale, what is your funnel? Like, how do you attract and also kind of filter through the people that are coming into and buying through this course?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so bro, you know what’s crazy? It’s literally what we teach them to do,

Oscar Garcia: Imagine that. Imagine you. Imagine that. you heard it here first, folks.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so literally, dude, I fucking go out and have a team that goes out and looks for my ideal client on LinkedIn, and then we have a team of web scrapers that finds their name, emails, phone numbers and then we reach out through LinkedIn and then we reach out through email and then we reach out through text

Oscar Garcia: text

Laura Egocheaga: call then they go in through the sales process, right?

So like one key thing that we have is like, once a strategy call is booked, they have a homework. [00:17:00] They have a homework page where they gotta do the steps to be prepared for the strategy call. It’s what we call a a process audit page where you download our worksheet. And on this worksheet, it’s our process audit.

Like what’s your product matrix? What’s your sales process what does your team look like? Stuff like

Oscar Garcia: that.

Laura Egocheaga: And it’s just homework that they have to do and it positions us as experts. And also on the homework page there’s complimentary trainings from me, so it’s my YouTube videos. They get to build a relationship with me through the digital duplication of myself.

Oscar Garcia: Oh, okay. All right. So then so let’s say I’m someone that, that is you know, your avatar essentially on LinkedIn. I would get, I’m assuming like a LinkedIn message first. And then that does that, is that LinkedIn message, like automated is that, is like a chat bot running it or is an actual agent.


Laura Egocheaga: No, so, so it’s both. So the outreach of it is a bot, but the response, when you respond and engage, it’s a person.

Oscar Garcia: Got it. Okay. And then where does that agent send me? They send me to a signup page [00:18:00] or the homework page after that.

Laura Egocheaga: So it, it depends the level of interest that they gauge from you. So like, if they straight up book a call, then Yeah, you, they send you to the calendar page, you book a call, and then you get sent straight to the homework page.

Oscar Garcia: Oh, I love it. And if I’m not interested in booking a call right now. This is where you send me to your digital avatar.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so this is where we, so the way we do it is a little bit different than most people. Some people would just link you out straight to their YouTube channel. I upload my YouTube videos to LinkedIn and I just send out a link to that YouTube or the video from YouTube, but on a LinkedIn post because yeah, cuz LinkedIn well actually like ding you and be like, why the fuck are you taking people off my platform?

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. Not only that, but like, like every platform just wants to keep people on their platform and you’re always rewarded by keeping them on the platform. So, a lot of people that always send people like, oh, Facebook to YouTube to whatever, it’s always like, why are you doing that? Just keep ’em on the same platform.

Alright, cool. So then I book a call, I do the homework. Now if I don’t do the homework what tend to happen?

Laura Egocheaga: We will [00:19:00] cancel the call

Oscar Garcia: Ooh.

Laura Egocheaga: you don’t turn your camera on if you are in a loud, busy place. And you don’t do the homework. You don’t have your worksheet ready to go. My brand curators, which is what I call my closers they’ll cancel or they won’t cancel. They’ll reschedule you

Oscar Garcia: Oh, wow.

Laura Egocheaga: and they’ll set the frame of, Hey, just make sure that for our next call you come prepared with this, and that.

Oscar Garcia: Ready to go. Got it. Okay. Are like, are there people, I mean, I guess the question would be how many times does someone like have to reschedule a call before you’re completely Okay. Onto the next one.

Laura Egocheaga: Dude, we’ve had people reschedule like six times and I’m just like, fuck that. Anything over three times, like, fuck you dude.

Oscar Garcia: Okay. I like it.

Laura Egocheaga: Like, it’s just not the type of person you wanna work with.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah, because and I think that’s what most people need to understand, that there’s a big distinction between like, I guess what you would call low ticket and high ticket in this case, like, it, it’s people’s time, it’s your time, it’s your team’s time, and it’s, you’re gauging whether or not this person is actually adding value to your business or taking [00:20:00] resources away.

And that’s when you gotta make the distinction. I’m like, okay, you know what? We’ve tried three times onto the next one. We’re not gonna do this. If it hasn’t happened now, it’s not gonna happen later.

Laura Egocheaga: For sure. And like, that’s one thing you gotta instill in your team. Like first you gotta instill it in yourself of like protecting your time, but then you have to instill it in into your sales team because they don’t think their time is valuable right then. And like, especially with the people that we hire, we really train them from the bottom up.

We take people that are not sales professionals at all, like this is our first time experiencing any type of sales. and we train them up to be closers. So that’s from like an appointment setting to a closer and they lack the belief in themselves sometimes, right? They don’t, they are not an entrepreneur.

They don’t know what, how valuable time is, so you just gotta like build them up.

Oscar Garcia: Got it. I love it. I love how the fact that like you’re building up your customers, but you’re also building up your team

Laura Egocheaga: Dude, it’s that, you know, it’s crazy. My mind exploded when I realized like, holy shit, everything I’m doing for my clients, I actually have to do it internally too.[00:21:00]

Oscar Garcia: who knew? You know? That’s crazy

Laura Egocheaga: bro. It’s

Oscar Garcia: I love it. I love it. That’s awesome. All right, so, so now that they’re on the call by the way, is this call is free, correct? Or do they have to pay in order to get this call? This

Laura Egocheaga: The strategy call? No. Yeah, it’s free. Yeah.

Oscar Garcia: Okay. So it’s a free call once they’re on the call. How long is it?

About an hour.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah. It’s like

Oscar Garcia: Okay. And then do your sales team, do they have a script that they go through or is it a very organic conversation?

Laura Egocheaga: So, you know, it’s crazy. We are not fans of scripts. We provide scripts for our clients but we genuinely believe that a script is just a documented conversations between someone that really gives a fuck about the prospect on the other side. So the way we teach it, it’s a little And this is Dylan’s proprietary method that we’ve been able to adapt.

And it’s essentially, he just draws a line on a whiteboard and he’s like, and it’s like, past, present, and future . And then you just walk him through that whole [00:22:00] thing.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. So you’re kind of just like, what happened to you in the past? How did this work out for you? What are you currently doing now? Where do you want to go? And

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah. And then you break down like, what is your product matrix looks like? How are you gonna get there? And then it’s deep into anchoring into why haven’t they done it already, you know, because you have to build the value up onto why they need you.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. So like, what’s the idea behind these calls? Is it like a, is it like super high pressure in terms of like, making sure they get the sale right then and there, or, you know, what how do they actually function? What’s the

Laura Egocheaga: So we literally say, Hey, look, put your credit card away. We’re not gonna ask you for your money because we it’s a company-wide policy that we do not take anyone’s money on a strategy call. They have to go through our 72 hour. Due diligence process. We believe that within 72 hours you can make a very well educated decision on whether or not you wanna work with us.

And we [00:23:00] want to reward you for being an action taker because we love working with action takers. So if you make a decision within 72 hours, you get it for half off the price because you’re an action taker.

Oscar Garcia: Laura, take my card. Let’s go. What are we doing? I think that’s amazing. I love that cuz it’s super valuable because you’re starting to understand the structure now where it’s like, okay, well, , the first thing we work on is the mindset, right? And then it’s like, then you get on a free call.

But before the free call, do they know about the guarantee yet, or no, before they sign up? The free call.

Laura Egocheaga: no.

Oscar Garcia: Okay, so

Laura Egocheaga: So nobody knows about the offer until we’ve identified that this is a qualified person to pitch to you. We do not pitch to everyone either.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. Yeah, so you’re just constantly building trust and credibility because it’s like, here’s the free call, you’re on this free call, put the credit card away. I’m assuming towards the end of the call, that’s when you transition into kind of more of like the pitch, or is

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, once, once we’ve identified all the pain points and everything, we transition into the pitch for the best offer for them. [00:24:00] So it, because we have, our product matrix is different too. You know, like we have a course that we sell. Fucking what? I think it’s like a thousand bucks for the course or like a $200 a month payment plan for five months.

Like it’s super affordable. Then we have the done with you option at 22 5, and then we have our done for you stuff. Whether it’s like the upgrade from the Done with You is like our done for you LinkedIn stuff which is like, I think 75,000. And then we have our done for you Facebook ads which is anywhere from a hundred thousand $250,000 build out.

So. . It just whatever’s best for them.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. Got it. Okay. So the call acts like a filter, but then let’s say we’re focusing specifically on the course at that point, then you offer that incredible offer with a guarantee. And it’s just you’re giving me 72 hours to make a decision. I don’t feel high pressure.

You’re giving me this incredible guarantee. I know it’s a big risk, but at the end of the day, I really have nothing to lose because if this doesn’t work and I’m actually doing work that’s required, the guarantee it comes in and all that kind of good stuff. And then you also are getting amazing results [00:25:00] for the people that are in the.

Laura Egocheaga: Exactly.

Oscar Garcia: and I get the one-on-one time as a bonus. Like, that’s crazy. That’s awesome.

Laura Egocheaga: s so it’s actually like so fucking stupid simple to walk them through it. We have a full pitch deck that walks ’em through it, and even like everything you just said of like, you know, you get this and that. The value stack, our value stack is around $700,000. And then at the end we say, but you don’t, you only have to pay a fraction of this, and it comes with a guaranteed

Oscar Garcia: There you go. Boom, boom. I love it. All right, so that, that kind of comes into the funnel now after, after 12 months, like go through the group coaching. They go through the course and everything. What happens after 12 months? Do they get upsold into a different program? Do is that like, okay, guys,

Laura Egocheaga: So ideal situation is that they’re making consistent 50 K to a hundred K months, and they’re ready to go into a revshare partnership. One big problem we’ve seen is that since these are new entrepreneurs, they don’t understand how to save money and how to budget correctly. So we [00:26:00] had, bro, we had one of our best testimonials.

Her name is Karine. She’s she’s like a fitness person. She has a fitness program health coaching and like actual virtual training. And she was, she went from selling $5,000. Fitness programs to soccer moms stay-at-home moms. And then she came to us. We transformed her into just working with high level executives.

Now she’s flipping $45,000 programs, bro, like crazy. And she, bro, she’s got the Ambassador of Jamaica PayPal. Executives like this lady is so fucking killer. But guess what? Making all this money, She didn’t fucking save. So now I can’t take her on as a rapture client, because what did she do? She fucking got married, had this crazy , had this crazy wedding, had this crazy honeymoon.

At the same time, while she’s having this astronomical business growth, she’s [00:27:00] competing for her IFBB Pro Card because she, I mean, it will bring credibility, more credibility to her. But like, she didn’t need it. She was fucking. 15 has like a banging hot bo with six packs, bro. Like it’s insane. But she, and like it’s not cheap to compete in these body building competitions right now.

She’s getting ready to be part of the Olympia, which is like the next level up. And it’s not cheap, dude. It’s really expensive and she didn’t budget for ads. So I mean, it is what it is. It happens. That just means that we didn’t prepare them correctly. So now it just means we’re gonna create a new part of the program.

Oscar Garcia: Bonus module manage your money kind of

Laura Egocheaga: For real, bro.

Oscar Garcia: All right, cool. So now that we’ve kind of gone through the funnel, right, let’s kind of go into more, so like the traffic portion. I know you mentioned you have like, you do cold, kind of cold outreach on LinkedIn, but you said you also use website scrapers in order to find kind of like the right ideal audience for yourself.


Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, for sure. So that’s key to everything, dude. So, that’s how we started [00:28:00] testing out the offer is by, you know, knowing exactly who our avatar is, then having the web scrapers go out and find them, and then started pitching them through email and seeing, what does it convert to? A called through email.

Okay. It was like around, let’s say, 20% of people were booking calls. What are we gonna do with the other 80%? We gotta fucking call them . You know, we gotta follow up through text and this is like, there’s a gray area in the CAN-SPAM laws in America, especially when it’s b2b. If the follow up is truly a follow up and it’s very directed messaging that’s appropriate for that person, it’s not spam. That’s the fucking hook. You know what I’m saying? And we are very specific in our messaging. And when they’re reaching out, it’s literally saying, Hey, this is from Laura Egocheaga team, I’m just following up on the email that she sent you about blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Oscar Garcia: Right, right. There you go. So there it is. So now we followed up on the [00:29:00] LinkedIn message. We’re emailing, we’re texting now, and then we’re calling.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah. And then next step to take it to the next level is when we’re running ads. So we’re running ads specifically just for the people in our pipe. There’s no cold traffic ads. It’s all warm and hot traffic.

Oscar Garcia: So you’re doing like a lot of like lookalike audiences instead of just,

Laura Egocheaga: No, no lookalike

Oscar Garcia: no lookalike

Laura Egocheaga: custom audiences, because we’ve already curated the data,

Oscar Garcia: That’s right. I’m sorry. Yeah. Yeah. So lookalike audiences would be like, Hey, here’s a hundred people. Go find like 2 million more that have the same characteristics. In this case, you’ve already got that from the scrapers, you’re uploading that list, and we’re hitting those people directly with ads

Laura Egocheaga: yep,

Oscar Garcia: Boom. So it’s very targeted. Very targeted. I love that. Okay. That’s great. Are you, so, have you ever thought about doing maybe like JV ventures where you’re partnering with other individuals who might have access to the people that you want to have access to? Is that part of the game plan too? Or is it just strictly the web scrapers and the the custom audience?

Laura Egocheaga: So right now It’s something that’s in the works. That’s actually why, I dunno if you can see that over there, but it’s like our [00:30:00] little podcast set up. We really want to interview people that will bring value to our audience cuz like, not only do I have a hundred and something people in this program, but I have an email list of 140,000 coaches and consultants

Like highly curated. So like it’s not just about building my list. It’s like how can I get into a win-win situation with a JV so that we all win?

Oscar Garcia: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Okay. Now as far as organic traffic are you creating any kind of content specific for this or anything like that?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so we’re going heavy on on content creation for YouTube and short form content. And at first we started with just focusing on YouTube and making those clips and using data as short form content. But now we’re realizing that like, We really gotta focus on creating content for short form and then focus on YouTube as well.

But [00:31:00] it’s crazy to see how I don’t know if you know Alex and Layla Hormozi, how they blow up. They’re spending about a hundred grand a month on just their content team. Our content team is probably costing us anywhere from like eight, seven to eight a month,

Oscar Garcia: Yeah.

Laura Egocheaga: and it’s. Nowhere near the level of content they’re pushing out, but


Oscar Garcia: time.

Laura Egocheaga: we are focusing on creating just specific content to just help out our niche, like, Which is crazy cuz like the videos that perform the best on like my Instagram and stuff like that is like the videos about me, like my daily routine.

You know, one, one video that was crazy is like, , we were on a live stream and someone asked if I was a guy or a girl and that shit blew up But like, I think about it, I’m like, okay, let’s clip this because this could be the elephant in the room for someone that’s doing their due diligence and just [00:32:00] maybe doesn’t know or whatever.

Right? And then I talk about my stance, or not my stance, but like my thoughts on transgender and stuff like that. And like the right people will you know, fuck with

Oscar Garcia: resonate. Yeah. For sure. Okay, got it. So it, it seems like from the organic standpoint, it’s like, so you mentioned that you had to treat, kind of YouTube separately, then you’re short form. So is that like, do you create a specific YouTube video and then you’re just like, okay, that’s only for Youtube

we’re not gonna cut anything outta that for let’s say TikTok or Instagram. or are you creating like two separate content wheels as far as like, okay, this is all the content for Instagram reels, TikTok, and then this is only the content for YouTube.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, the latter.

Oscar Garcia: The latter. Got it. Okay. And so when sorry to circle back, but to go back to your ads, when you’re running the advertise the ads to customizes, are you advertising on like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Google, or just one of the platforms?

Laura Egocheaga: So it’s Facebook and YouTube. That’s it.

Oscar Garcia: Facebook and YouTube


Laura Egocheaga: Facebook, Instagram, and then YouTube.

Oscar Garcia: Got it. So you you haven’t been are you wary of like Facebook ads and where that’s going and the whole direction of Facebook [00:33:00] at the moment,

Laura Egocheaga: Dude, I’m betting on Mark Zuckerberg, dude I think he’ll, I think he’ll figure it out. He’ll steal somebody’s idea and make it his own

Oscar Garcia: yeah. Yeah. I agree. I don’t know. I

Laura Egocheaga: We have been testing on Twitter and we’ve been finding it’s just a bunch of bots.

Oscar Garcia: Bunch of bots, okay, well, let’s see if Elon can do something with that. So,

Laura Egocheaga: I hope so.

Oscar Garcia: All right. So now that we got the the paid traffic strategy from the ads, do they go to, again, booking a free call? Is that the idea? Or you kind of sending them to something more long form and kind of warm ’em

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, nobody’s allowed to buy without being placed on the right product by an actual person.

Oscar Garcia: Got it. Okay. So we gotta get ’em on the phone call from there. Are, were you okay disclosing how much you’re spending roughly on ads per month?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah. Right now we’re only spending like, I think $12K a month.

Oscar Garcia: $12K a month. Okay. And out of that, how many, like, how many phone calls are you guys booking?

Laura Egocheaga: That’s a good question. I know that my cost per acquisition is [00:34:00] $871.

Oscar Garcia: Wow. But that’s, so acquire a $22,000

Laura Egocheaga: Right to acquire a $22,000 customer. Right now, we’re actually rolling out a payment plan option that is 12 months. So for 18,000, or sorry $1,875. You get to get started in the program and you make 12 payments.

Oscar Garcia: There you go. There you go.

Laura Egocheaga: that, so like what? So there’s this fucking dude that’s a fucking genius. His name is Shon Shaista.

I’m pretty sure he is like a billionaire. If he’s not a billionaire, he’s close. And one key thing he said is like, I don’t care how much money you’re bringing it in, what I care more about is what’s your monthly recurring revenue? So what’s your MR R? I’m like, I don’t have fucking MRR. He’s like, that’s how you can test if a product’s actually good or not.

Oscar Garcia: Mm-hmm.

Laura Egocheaga: by having m r r and seeing how they go through it. So that’s the only reason we’re adding in a monthly payment component is to see, to really test the product. Because the key here is [00:35:00] product development. It’s not customer acquisition because you know how Russell Brunson says, it’s like if you outmarket any competitor, you win.

But that’s not the game I’m trying to play. I’m trying to play the game. Like, can I get the best results in the game?

Oscar Garcia: Yeah, that’s an interesting takeaway because this is kind of where, where I kind of deviate from the ClickFunnels mentality, but it’s kind of like, I’ve seen it myself firsthand, where you can outmarket your competition and that’s great, but you still make zero right? By out-marketing your competition.

So, I like this idea where you’re kind of more results driven because I find, and I’m sure you might have find as well, that results tend to bring on more customers ,

Laura Egocheaga: 100% referrals come in. Yep.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. And at that point, like it’s once you build out a referral engine kind of behind the scenes, it all kind of just takes care of itself.

So, talking about that, do you have some kind of referral program in the backend for your current clients or anything like that?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, so we pay them 5% of whatever their referral purchases, cuz you never know what type of what type of [00:36:00] client they’re gonna bring. But yeah, we have a referral program. It’s nothing that we push too heavy on them. It’s just something that they’ll know in the back of their head when they find someone that’s a good fit to join the program because even the people in the program have seen us bring in the wrong type of people.

and have seen them struggling live because it’s all group coaching, right. And we’ve had like when we brought in the Chief Success Officer, Cody, he went and called everybody to get feedback. And that was like super key. And one of the things that people were saying were like, there’s some people in this program that should just not be coaching And I was like, damn, they’re right.

Oscar Garcia: Laura, but I’m a life coach, man. Come on,

Laura Egocheaga: And that’s our niche, bro. But like, no, it’s the toughest people we struggle with for sure are the life coach relationship coaches that just like. They [00:37:00] only are doing it because they have personal experience, not because they’ve been able to actually get the result for someone else. So with them, we actually have to baby them.

They’re like, they’re not even at step one. They’re at step zero

And it’s a lot.

Oscar Garcia: What do you tell ’em? Do you tell ’em, Hey, you know what, we’re not ready. Maybe you should go get some results first, then come back, or do you help them get those results?

Laura Egocheaga: Right. Yeah. We help them. So like with them, the crazy part is that every single one of them have lied to us. They’re like, I have 10 testimonials and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then when they’re in the program and it’s time to get this testimonials posted on LinkedIn. Guess what? There’s no testimonial.

Oscar Garcia: Thanks, mom. Appreciate you.

Laura Egocheaga: bro. And then it’s like we gotta step into having those tough conversations of like, how, I don’t go ahead and like call them out or anything, but I say things like, you know, how can we get video testimonials cuz that’s what we need[00:38:00]

Oscar Garcia: yeah,

Laura Egocheaga: And then we’ll come up with a game plan together of how we’re gonna get those video testimonials in nine outta 10 times.

It’s not with their past clients because they don’t exist.

Oscar Garcia: Right. And I love the fact, I love and it’s true, but I love the fact how you’re asking the questions so that they can come up with the answers for them to execute as opposed to you telling them Yeah. As opposed to you telling ’em, Hey, go do this. It’s like, no. What do you think needs to happen in order for this to occur?

Laura Egocheaga: they want you to tell them, Hey, go do this. But guess what? When I tell them, Hey, go do this, and they don’t like it, or it doesn’t align, guess whose fault is it? It’s mine. So I’ve learned that to have a really successful group coaching program and to get people results, you have to be a really good teacher and trainer while at the same time being a good coach that can actually guide them to the outcome that they

Oscar Garcia: want.

Wow. Mind blown right there. That’s the biggest takeaway right now. If anyone is listening and is a coach, I 100% agree on that. So. Alright, Laura, now let’s [00:39:00] transition over to like the team, cuz it seems like there’s a lot happening and you have a lot of people kind of doing different things.

So talk to me about your team. How’s your team structured? How do you have your team set up so that this whole thing functions the way it is currently?

Laura Egocheaga: For sure. So there’s a front end team and there’s a back end team. The front end team is all the like sales department client acquisition, marketing stuff. And then there’s the backend team that does fulfillment. So specifically for this product, our backend team is. Coral, which just focuses on like helping them with hiring and operations Cody with, which helps them with mindset, accountability and discipline, and then me that helps them actually implement all the processes.

In the program. So it’s just three people. Oh. And then there’s Elle that does all the tech support. So, our LTVs higher because in the backend we actually sell them our software. So we have a C R M called viral growth . And it’s essentially a white label version of go high level.

But it’s specifically [00:40:00] tailored for coaches and consultants. So our support and all the videos that we have is specifically tailored for that kind of business model. Nothing else. So that’s our like competitive edge.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah. No, that’s awesome because then you have do they pay monthly for that? For that for

Laura Egocheaga: So it’s $97 a month or two $97 a month if you have.

Oscar Garcia: I love that. So you have like the big high tickets kind of coming in, but then you also have the recurring revenue of the back end coming from that. That’s pretty cool. And then it also helps establish that relationship long term,

Laura Egocheaga: Yep, exactly. Because they’re building all their funnels out with us. We’re helping them with the email marketing campaigns. Like they’re essentially taking everything that they learn in the program, and this is the tool that helps ’em actually implement it and roll it out.

Oscar Garcia: That’s awesome. Okay, so essentially what, four or five people running this entire.

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah.

Oscar Garcia: That is sick. Okay,

Laura Egocheaga: We’re bringing on more people because our goal is to really systematize the accountability and discipline and resell that to other people that have programs like me [00:41:00] because they need it. Like, you have no idea how many people in my own program are like, I can’t get people to go through my course

Oscar Garcia: So talking about that, like, do you gamify your course, your program in any particular way, or do you recommend clients gamify their courses so that more people go

Laura Egocheaga: I’ve heard great things about gamification. You know, we don’t actually do it because, so our l m s is actually on go high level. So there’s no gamification component to that. What we do say though, and it’s like policy, as soon as you get onboarded, it’s in on your onboarding email. Everything is you are not allowed to move forward until you submit fucking worksheets

and that you get a green light from someone on the team.

Oscar Garcia: Yeah,

Laura Egocheaga: that’s as close as I get to gamification

Oscar Garcia: All right. So then so, just so I can get some more clarification with the group coaching, right? Let’s say you have someone signed up in January, but then the next person comes in July. Do they both get access to the same group coaching, or does that

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah. So it’s all [00:42:00] evergreen. There’s no yeah, it’s

Oscar Garcia: There’s no like, no, no cohorts kind of going

Laura Egocheaga: Nah, there’s no cohorts cuz everybody comes in at a different experience level. Which we have gotten feedback from people that they say they feel isolated and they feel like everybody’s more advanced than them. And then I’m like, bro, why the fuck are you comparing yourself?

Oscar Garcia: Yeah.

Laura Egocheaga: Like you’re running your path, dude. Like stop looking at other people. That’s not what winners do. And you know what’s crazy? The people that claim to be mindset experts and stuff like that are the people that struggle the most with mindset.

Oscar Garcia: Mm. Let’s find that to be true, honestly. Yeah. Yeah. Some people that I’ve worked with before, I just have to be like, I can’t, I can’t do this no more. It was just constant roadblocks, , roadblock after roadblock. Okay. So now that we got now, now that we’ve gone through the team and pretty much over, like, let’s talk about the actual tech.

Like how what tech are you using to actually facilitate all this? I know you mentioned your l m s already. Is that the main your main go-to, or are you also using like, I don’t know, Kajabi, WordPress, you know

Laura Egocheaga: we use all viral growth [00:43:00] Sales is our full tech stack for crm. So like out everything front end and back end is hosted on there. The other thing we use is Facebook groups. That’s where we keep the community. And then zoom.

Oscar Garcia: See, look at that. Three pieces of tech to run essentially 150 k a month. Offer here. That’s incredible.

Laura Egocheaga: It’s that simple,

Oscar Garcia: And people out here are like, oh, I gotta get this, I gotta get this, I gotta get that. And it’s that’s not really the case, right?

Laura Egocheaga: they wanna overcomplicate it and they’re self-sabotaging and they’re just pushing things out because they’re not ready to fucking put in the work. Why? I don’t know. That’s something they need to ask themselves.

Oscar Garcia: Boom. And that’s module one, right?

Laura Egocheaga: Yep.

Oscar Garcia: Awesome. Wow, Laura. Well, look, I think that, I mean, I’ve learned a lot already in terms of how you’re structuring your course, everything from the actual offer, the conversion, the funnel, the ads to even the tech and team. And thank you so much for sharing all this wisdom and knowledge because I’m sure.

Someone’s gonna walk away with this and be like, wow, I never thought about it like that. And let me [00:44:00] actually simplify this down even further. So thank you so much and now I’d like to give you the opportunity to just tell everyone who’s listening in today, you know, where can they go and find more boing if they wanna work with you.

How can they do that?

Laura Egocheaga: Yeah, for sure. So if you guys wanna work with us, go to viral growth and. Click, book a call somewhere on there, or you can watch our complimentary training which is essentially me breaking down how we build world class education businesses. That’s all we focus on. We’re only in the info product space.

Those are our people who we serve at the highest level possible and provide the most transformational results for. And if you just want to know more about me listen to my content, look me up on Google cega, I’m on YouTube. I’m on Instagram. TikTok, all your favorite platforms. You’ll see my beautiful face there,

Oscar Garcia: Check. Got her AI faces too. They’re pretty sick. So they came out pretty good, I must say. I must say. All right, Laura, thank you so much. I truly [00:45:00] appreciate you. Hope you have the best day.

Laura Egocheaga: You as well, my man.

Oscar Garcia: Thank you.


Oscar Garcia: Hey everyone. Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. Now remember, if you wanna be a successful course creator, then go ahead and sign up for the Marketing and Mojitos Beta group now so you can start generating profits from your course in literally less than a month. All you have to do is go to oscar m to sign up.

Come on in. We’re looking forward to having you.

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