January 3, 2023

Are you a course creator who wants to generate close to $100,000 to $150,000 per month?

If so, you'll want to pay attention to what Laura Egocheaga has to say. After all, her course is bringing in that and then some.  

In a recent episode of The OMG! Show, I spoke with Laura and she gave us an inside look into how her course is structured, how she sells it, how she delivers it, and the kind of results her customers are getting.

Long story short, she's developed a high-ticket course that comes with a pretty big promise and a massive guarantee to boot. 

So let's break it down and see what we can learn from Laura and what we can apply to our own business to see similar results. 

Laura Egocheaga's main website: viralgrowthmedia.com

This Course Will Help You Make $1,000,000 In 12 Months (Or I'll Double Your Investment)

Let's start off with the most important element first... the offer.

Laura's offer is a promise to take her clients from zero to $1,000,000 in one year.

Pretty incredible, right? 

It would be, except that Laura has distilled all her knowledge of scaling businesses, quickly, into a 10-module "Done-With-You" course.


By focusing on three key areas:

  • Finding product market fit
  • Building a sales team
  • Building out operations for the business. 

In Laura's opinion, the fastest way to double the profitability of a company is to fix the offer first. 

By reverse engineering the process of building a successful business, the course has 10 modules including:

  • Creating market fit offers, 
  • Understanding your customer avatars 
  • Storytelling
  • Organic outreach
  • Sales training, 
  • Video sales letters, 
  • Automation 
  • and more...

It didn't always start out that way however. 

It was only after running a few beta programs that she realized how much people needed money mindset training. 

Using the feedback and the results people were getting through her beta program, she refined her course to provide even more value. 

As Laura puts it, "I'm not playing the game of client acquisition. I'm in the game of getting results."

Because of this, she now includes a module dedicated to helping people rewire:

  • Their beliefs around money, 
  • Getting passed limiting beliefs, 
  • Getting rid of self-sabotage behaviors. 

On top of that, with a heavy emphasis on self-love as well as identifying and eliminating the root causes of problems

This might sound "woo-woo" to some however, according to Laura, this was a key component to making sure her clients got the results they wanted.

But the value just doesn't just end there. On top of the course, clients also get access to a private group for them to focus on accountability and discipline. 

This is where the real magic works as clients can see others.

Laura has also added a chief success officer who is responsible for making sure that those who bought into the program, are being taken care of.  

So how much does her course cost? 


But there is a lot more to this story...

How To Sell A High Ticket Course

As most course creators know, having the course is one thing, selling it is another story.

It comes down to your funnel. The process in which you turn cold traffic into customers. 

Within that process, you have a series of steps that all convert at different rates. 

By optimizing those conversion rates, you improve your sales system and get to a point where you are pretty much selling on autopilot. 

For Laura, her sales process starts where most tend to simply glance over. 

Getting painfully specific on who her customer avatar is

Rather than running ads to cold traffic or creating a ton of content, Laura and her team spend a good amount of time identifying who their hungry buying audience is. 

Once they have a clear picture, they use LinkedIn as their primary traffic source. 

Her team searches for their ideal customer avatar and collect any public information available such as name, email, and phone number. 

Once this data is collected, they use a chatbot to send a message to their prospect through LinkedIn.

The idea behind the message? Book a call.

Once a free strategy call is booked, the prospect is sent to a homework page where they can access complimentary trainings and complete a process audit worksheet. 

This not only positions Laura and her team as experts, but it also helps the client prepare for the strategy call and build a relationship with the company. 

If the potential client is not interested in booking a call right away, the team sends them to a page featuring native LinkedIn content to continue building the know, like, and trust factor.

If the call is booked, Laura's team prioritize preparedness and follow-through, requiring homework to be completed before strategy calls and canceling or rescheduling calls for those who don't follow through. 

This helps to ensure that everyone's time is respected and used efficiently.

During the call, the team goes through a process of understanding the client's past, present, and future goals in order to determine how the business can help them. 

Once they identify if the prospect is a good fit and they have an offer that will help them with their goals, they make the offer.

Now here is the really cool part that builds a ton of trust. 

Laura and her team have a strict policy of not taking payment during the strategy call.

This totally eliminates any "high-pressure" situation the prospect might feel. 

Instead, they offer the prospect a 72 hour window in which they can make their decision and if they decided to move forward, are rewarded with a 50% discount. 

This allows prospects to get into the course and group coaching for $22,500. 

Don't forget, those prospects are also offered a "Double Your Money-Back Guarantee" which is pretty unheard of at such a high-ticket offer. 

It wasn't something to take lightly either. At first, Laura was scared of offering such an insane guarantee but she knew she could get the results.

Laura believes that understanding and addressing the emotions that can hold entrepreneurs back is essential to success in order to improve conversions but also the results clients can get.  

Laura is also planning on introducing a monthly payment option to further test and improve their product through customer feedback.

Overall, this approach to outreach on LinkedIn is effective in building relationships, positioning the company as experts, and ultimately securing clients. 

What About The 80% That Never Book A Call?

Now that we know the funnel, how does Laura get more traffic?

How does she obtain a steady stream of qualified leads booking calls?

While about 20% of people book a call after receiving the initial message, the team follows up with the remaining 80% through text, email, and phone calls.

Laura also emphasized the importance of targeted advertising. 

Rather than using lookalike audiences, her team utilizes custom audiences, as they have already curated the data. 

They currently run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, sending traffic to a "book a call" page and have found huge success with this approach.

Laura and her team also focus on building relationships with potential clients through content creation. 

They create specific content for short form platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, as well as YouTube. 

While they've had success with videos about Laura's personal routine and experiences, they are focusing on creating content that specifically helps their niche by looking at the limiting beliefs of their ideal customer.

In addition to this, they are considering joint venture (JV) partnerships with the goal of connecting with the right people to create a win-win situations. Additionally, they do have a 5% referral program in place to reward their current clients for bringing in new business. 

For Laura, it's not abut bringing all the traffic to her offer but instead, bringing in the right type of client and ensure their success in order to maintain a strong and supportive community within our program

You Don't Need A Huge Team To Get Massive Results With Your Course

So what kind of team does it take to make all of this happen?

For Laura, her team is divided into a front end and a back end, with the front end responsible for sales, client acquisition, and marketing, and the back end responsible for fulfillment. 

The back end team consists of three people who focus on helping clients with hiring and operations, mindset, accountability, and discipline, and implementing processes in the program. 

In total, Laura's team consists of 5 people

With a sharp eye to maximizing profits, Laura and her team are in the middle of systematizing all of their team processes and sell that to other program creators who needs them.  

Course Tech: Don't Overthink It

As a business owner, it can be tempting to think that you need the latest and greatest tech tools in order to run a successful operation. 

However, as Laura has demonstrated, sometimes all you really need is three simple tools to get the job done.

According to Laura, her tech stack includes:

  • Her own CRM Viral Growth Sales which is built on the Go High Level platform.  
  • Facebook groups for community building
  • Zoom for virtual meetings and coaching sessions.

With just these three tools, Laura is able to generate a monthly revenue of anywhere between $100,000 to $150,000.

This just goes to show that it's not always about having the most advanced or expensive tech

Sometimes, the key to success is simply choosing the right tools for the job and putting in the hard work to make them effective. 

As Laura points out, many business owners self-sabotage by overcomplicating things and not being ready to put in the work. 

If you want to achieve success, it's important to focus on the right priorities and avoid getting distracted by shiny new tech tools.

Your Turn

Crafting an irresistible offer that resonates deeply with your customer and creating a sales process that helps the customer make an easy decision is essential for success.

Laura shared her program that has generated between $100,000 to $150,000 a month and the components that make it successful.

From understanding her ideal audience to doing organic outreach on LinkedIn, setting up calls and developing a results oriented mindset, and offering a double your money back guarantee...

Laura has implemented all the necessary elements to create a successful program.

Believe in yourself and take the steps necessary to reach the same level of success as Laura. With determination and dedication, you too can achieve your goals!

I’d love to hear how you apply the strategies covered in this article to get some real transformations for your self...

Leave me a comment on how it went for you or drop any questions you want me to answer!

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