June 30, 2017

So it’s Friday.

As I’m sitting here writing this email to you. I can’t help but reflect on the past week…

And that leads me to begin thinking about the past month, about the past year.

Many times, I feel great about where I am today compared to where I was a little over two years ago.

I was working at my 9-5. I was a project manager overseeing a team of 60 people.

I remember when I walked into my Directors office and told her “I’m done, I’ll be leaving at the end of November.”

I was terrified walking into that room.

I didn’t have a backup plan, I didn’t have any money, I had maxed out my credit cards, I still had a car payment, I still had bills to pay, and I have no where to stay as the lease on my apartment was up.

But I kept telling myself. “I gotta get out of here.”

And while I thought that walking into my director’s office was tough – which it was – it compares little to the roller coaster ride that comes with starting out in the entrepreneurial journey.

Everything is on your shoulders, all the reward as well as the risk.

Luckily, I found someone who would give me a place to stay. That person ended up being my first client and we built up a 6-figure business in little over 8 months.

But those 8 months were filled with a bunch of:

I don’t know
Should we try it?
I think this will be the right move…
Agh! Why did we try that
Where is our money going?
How can we scale?
Why are our number all out of whack!?
Oh yeah, that was a good day.
Is this really happening?
Oh wow, this is working!

In between all of that, there was also an internal battle.

One between myself and myself.

One where I wanted to build a successful business and the other asking why I couldn’t be content working the 9-5, why do I need to do things the hard way.

It was nice to have a steady paycheck coming in…

I struggled with that for a while and at times, I still do.

But every time I think about that, I think about the results I have been able to produce.

Sure, I don’t have an actual product, but I help my clients. My clients are awesome and they genuinely help people in their markets.

If I can help them help even just one more person with whatever struggle they are going through, then that is the cherry on top.

It’s knowing that I helped someone inadvertently by helping my client.

Then knowing that my client was able to leave their 9-5 to have a better sense of freedom.

Those tough times of doubt and hardship make all the other times when we are winning and feeling our best – feel amazing.

It puts things into perspective and really drives home the point, “Yeah, it’s tough at times but it is damn worth it.”

I don’t know where you are at in your business right now, but if you find yourself stuck in a rut, then just think about all the people that are relying on you for help.

They may not know of you, they may not know of your business, but they are looking for the solution that you can provide.

And for those people, it is well worth going through the tough times to come out the other side and seeing what you are able to do.

Keep on keeping on.


P.S. Have a great weekend!

About the Author Oscar Garcia

Oscar Garcia is a sought-after consultant, coach, and speaker specializing in online marketing and host of the highly rated podcast, "The OMG! Show,"

After pulling out his 401K and diving head first into muddy waters, he quickly built a half-million dollar business in only eight months. Over the past few years, he's dedicated himself to growing businesses through proven systems and sound strategies that produce conversion rates of 70%+ and ROI's of 200% or more. When he's not focused profitable paid traffic funnels, you can find him traveling the country or sipping on a nice refreshing mojito.

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