January 23, 2023

Are you tired of the traditional course creation model? Look no further! We’re switching things up with a case study from Joe Casabona, creator of the game-changing “Podcast Liftoff” program. Joe ditched the traditional modules and LMS, and instead focuses on providing real, actionable value to his customers. In this episode, learn how to automate your business and buy back your time, unique ways to grow your email list and discover the power of leveraging LinkedIn for sales. Don’t miss this episode!

“Don’t Make A New Thing, Market the Old Thing Better.” – Joe Casabona

Is there a simpler way of leveraging our knowledge for income without necessarily creating a full-blown course?

Generally, we think of courses as the traditional way of leveraging our knowledge for income, but what if there was a different way to go about it that allows you to do MORE with less? That allows you to get started faster.

To answer that question, we are joined by Joe Casabona whose “course,” Podcast Liftoff helps podcasters become profitable. However, rather than having modules – Joe decided to do away with his entire Learning Management Software and go a different route to providing utility to his customers.

In this episode, we’re also going to be taking a look at:

  • How to automate most of what is happening in your business to buy back your time
  • Unique ways to add more subscribers to your email list – automatically,
  • And how you can leverage LinkedIn for more sales!

Show Value Bombs:

  • Take some time for yourself and your business. Book a local Airbnb and bring a whiteboard and just think and reflect on everything that you are doing inside of your business. Ask yourself what is really working and what is not. Get outside of your head and be strategic about your next business move.
  • The podcasting world is about to blow up but you can still get in. Start by using the “mini-podcast” strategy. Create a list of 15-20 questions that are commonly asked. Make a simple outline and record three episodes. Adjust as necessary. If it feels good, record the next 10 and schedule them out. 3 months of podcast episodes right then and there.
  • Sure, others might have covered topics in your market, but that’s ok. Throw your hat in the ring and begin to share your perspective.

Here’s a brief overview of the episode:

  • [00:00:00] In May of 2022, I decided I was going to only focus on podcasting.
  • [00:09:21] The playbook will help you make your 1st $10,000 as a podcaster.
  • [00:11:58] There are less than 2 million active podcasts, where active means published a new episode in the last 90 days. Now YouTube is throwing its monetization weight behind podcasting, and rolling out ads.
  • [00:14:02] The best format for people who want to start a podcast today is the mini-podcast. It’s just you and a microphone talking for 20 minutes or less about something in your area of expertise.
  • [00:17:15] ChatGPT can definitely show you things that people talk about on the Internet. It’s an important way for someone to distinguish themselves from others just by talking about their experience and their feelings. Use their story to leverage and to create something unique and different.
  • [00:38:32] Whether you go paid or organic, the key is to focus on building an audience. It’s not something that you could just decide to do one day and then just do it really quickly. It takes time it takes trial and error.
  • [00:48:25] So definitely evaluate your tech stack, test it, and have as few links in the chain as possible.
  • [00:55:57] If people want to learn more about me, you can go to Podcast Liftoff. There you’ll find links to my podcast and obviously the Playbook which you can get. If you use the code OMG at checkout over at Podcast Liftoff (https://podcastliftoff.com/omg/) you’ll get $50 off.
  • [00:57:41] I would absolutely do a webinar to pre-sell a course.

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About Joe Casabona

Joe’s journey as a web developer began two decades ago, but it wasn’t long before he discovered his true calling: sharing his extensive knowledge about website development, podcasting, and course creation to help others turn their passion into profit. Joe has a knack for demystifying intimidating concepts, breaking them down into manageable chunks that can be applied in just a few days. With over 20 years of experience building websites, more than a decade of teaching at the college level, 7+ years of podcasting under his belt, and four published books to his name, Joe is a true master of his craft. Today, he guides podcasters on their path to business ownership at Podcast Liftoff, creates valuable online courses for LinkedIn Learning, and hosts the hit podcast “How I Built It.” When he’s not busy working, you can find Joe cherishing time with his family, cheering on his favorite baseball team, or nerding out over Star Wars.

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