July 2, 2021

Quick Take:

In this episode of Burning the Boats, Oscar interviews Allan Ngo, founder of Digital Solopreneur and Chief Mentor at @ Inbox Society. Oscar and Allan candidly talk about all things email marketing with an emphasis on creativity and tenacity even when imperfect. Listeners will be encouraged not to do what’s always been done but to boldly “rewrite the script.” Allan also shares valuable advice with those who are struggling with email marketing. Stay tuned until the end for a free gift created especially for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Listeners will be encouraged by Allan’s boldness to change his career when things became comfortable and how he went about the transition.
  • Allan shares the unique model for his business and emphasizes that things weren’t perfect before he tried them.
  • Allan gives valuable advice to listeners struggling with email marketing and shares a free gift.


Today on The OMG! Show: Burning the Boats with Special Guest Allan Ngo

:21 – Oscar introduces Allan Ngo and asks him to share his story.

  • Allan was working at a bank and bought a franchise with some friends.
  • At age 25, Allan became burned out and felt like a well educated bum.
  • He quit his job and went to China on a scholarship.
  • When he returned, he researched how to make money online and started a blog.
  • He found sending emails and Facebook ads made the most money.
  • He applied to stock market investing for an affiliate skill.
    He began teaching marketing on a local scene about 4 years ago.

5:22 – Oscar asks Allan about his mindset during his transition between careers.

  • Allan said a book his friend gave him challenged him to think about his path.
  • Allan emphasizes that if we want to achieve something great, notice the bad things because the bad forces you to do something different where good can keep you in a comfortable state.

8:45 Oscar asks Allan about his support behind him.

  • Allan shares how his grandfather passed on his business to his dad.
  • Allan shares that the store was a mom and pop store.
  • Allan emphasizes that the online market doesn’t just have one approach.
  • Allan underscores the tug of war with responsibility and ambition and growth and success.
  • Allan emphasizes that his parents are a huge support.

11:57 Oscar asks Allan what in Robert Kawasaki’s book that stood out to him.

  • Allan highlights the importance of what earning really means.
  • Allan emphasizes that you don’t need to be mega rich to start off.
  • Allan touches on the concept of trading time for money.

14:19 Oscar asks Allan about his work mentality when he was involved in the family business.

  • Allan explains the mindset of work in the Philippines.
  • Allan explains why many people in the Philippines work abroad or start a business to “make it.”

14:21 Oscar asks Allan about doing affiliate marketing on the side.

  • Allan was introduced to affiliate marketing through his stock market work.
  • His affiliate marketing started slowly.
  • He modeled his marketing after what was compelling to him.
  • He bought Jeff Walker’s PLF book.
  • He found the importance of educating the audience.

22:02 Oscar highlights the cause of the tenacity being imperfect action.

  • Allan found he was having traction with what he was doing.
  • He found what he was doing would help people whether they joined his program.
  • Allan shares about an allergic reaction his wife had in the first year of marriage and what that taught him.

28:13 Oscar asks Allan about his model for success.

  • Allan emphasized the importance of him doing things before he was ready.
  • Allan shares how he sabotaged himself by seeing his work as a side hustle.
  • He says a side hustle goal will equal a side hustle income.
  • Allan emphasizes his mindset to go all in and relates it to Kobe Bryant and being a good dad.

32:57 Oscar asks Allan about the power of words that affect his mindset in his business and life.

  • Allan touches on the challenges with writer’s block b/c of one word: create.
  • He realized he wasn’t a creator but a mirror reflecting back.

38:40 Oscar and Allan talk about what is the best and what triggers you to buy.

  • Allan emphasizes the million ways to earn a million dollars.
  • Allan emphasizes the importance of having an open mind and finishing what you started.
  • Allan highlights going through courses and the power of learning through failing.
  • Allan emphasizes if you think of it as loss, that’s money down the drain.
  • Allan encourages you to be open about it and expect it.
  • Allan uses the analogy of Spiderman and fear.

41:22 Oscar highlights Allan’s reference to having superpowers and how it relates to success.

  • Allan emphasizes the importance of being level headed and removing emotion.
  • Allan admires the people that even when everything is falling apart, they are strong.
  • Allan emphasizes the importance of the way you market and handle yourself because people feel that across a screen.
  • Allan shares about his lesson in humility.

48:25 Oscar shares that he’s found that even after studying the greats, sometimes it’s best for him to “rewrite the script” and asks Allan if he’s experienced the same.

  • Allan shares how he documents his own process.
  • Allan explains his previous challenge with documentation and the priority it is to him.
  • Allan explains how the time he spends now saves him time in the future.
  • Allan explains how your system has to be predictable.

53:54 Oscar asks Allan his main focus with inboxsociety.com.

  • Allan shares about pre-launch and product launch emails.
  • Allan shares about changing the way people see things.
  • Allan shares about consulting people in the way they write their emails.
  • Allan shares the WHY of helping people with their emails.

59:15 Oscar asks Allan his advice to people that are having trouble with their email marketing.

  • Allan shares how he handled promoting a sale via email marketing on Black Friday with his friends.
  • Allan gives another example of email marketing he did at the beginning of a week on a Monday with his students.
  • Allan shares how often he emails his lists.
  • Allan encourages using a theme.

66:24 Oscar asks Allan what email system he recommends.

  • Allan emphasizes it depends on where you are in your business.
  • Allan shares about UI.
  • Allan talks about support teams.
  • Allan prefers simplicity.


About Allan Ngo

From Manila Philippines, Allan Ngo is the founder of Digital Solopreneur and Chief Mentor of @ Inbox Society. As a banker, he started his marketing career on the side with affiliate marketing. Currently, he helps infopreneurs grow their sales using email marketing via product launches, evergreen funnels and marketing automation.

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