March 8

The Power of Making A Decision


Good morning!

It was a little chilly this morning in Tampa as I went out for my daily walk (I find it meditative and a great warm up for my day) and a thought came into my head…

What is the true power of making a decision?

I reflected on my time before I decided to take the plunge into starting my own business and all I remember are what-ifs….

What if I run out of money?
What if I can’t get anything going?
What if I have a medical emergency and don’t have the insurance?
What if I fail?

There are all valid thoughts, however, you also need to recognize what your mind is doing to you…

It wants to keep you safe and protected.

But you and I both know that in order to grow, you have to get out of your comfort place.

These “what-ifs” that pop into our head is just another way to keep pushing off the most powerful gift you have – the power to make a decision.

You see, once you make a decision, you gain more clarity on what it is you need to do next.

On top of that, you start answering all of your “what-if” questions that you had it before.

You start to realize that making a decision gives you momentum to keep trying new things, to expand, to grow.

That is not to say that once you decide on something, that the “what-ifs” are going to stop – because they’re not.

They become more of an ally – a statement of possibility and the only way for you to answer the question is to plunge in.

It is a very powerful ability – the ability to make decisions.

I often time meet a lot of business owners that are overwhelmed by all the different things they “think” they should be doing. They ultimately freeze up and stay in this place of limbo…

Unsure of how and where to act next.

Make a decision, and once you do, you’ll find yourself committing and moving your life and your business in the right direction.

Remember, everything is “figure-out-able” and there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

The ability to make decisions is one of your greatest abilities.

So that thought you’ve had in the back of your mind all week, that you haven’t made a decision on, take the time and decide what you are going to do with it.

It will make you feel a lot better, and move you in the right direction.

Hope you have an awesome day!


P.S. To have a successful business you do not need to do much. It’s really 4 simple steps. 1) Understand your market and provide them with a solution. 2) Advertise that solution. 3) Have a way of getting their email and 4) Build your brand and loyalty through email.


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