Thanks for visiting this page. Look your time is precious so I'm going to make this quick. For those of you who "get it" - you'll understand the value...immediately.

Imagine in just one day, you had everything you needed to start, run, and scale your business? All your ad campaigns planned out, your entire sales funnels ready to go, and even your email automations created... 

At any time you want, you just click "go" and you're generating leads while sales are pumping in. 

A full A to Z experience where we've broken down your competitors to see exactly how we can differentiate ourselves, mapped out an offer your market loves, and have the systems in place to generate cash flow - automatically.  

And we figured out the exact numbers we need to hit to ensure profitability. 

All of this in 1 Day. You can start getting results tomorrow...

Let's Do This!

"WE'VE GONE FROM $20,000 A WEEK TO $70,000 A WEEK!"

Oscar has been a major blessing in my life. He helped me big time with our email marketing and Facebook ad campaigns. Our company has tripled it's weekly volume. We've gone from $20,000 a week to $70,000 a week, in about a 90 day period of time. He's one of the most knowledge people and I would highly recommend him. 

Troy Bravenbore - BraveFreight


#1: We Start With THE Strategy

At 8:00AM (your time) we'll get on a virtual Zoom room and begin by looking at your top 5 competitors. We'll breakdown their offers, see what they are selling and how they are selling it.

Then, we'll use that information to position your offer as a "must" to your market.    

#2: We Focus on The Offer

Once we've sucked the juiciest secrets from your market and competitors, we'll take a look at your offer and create a game plan on how to ACQUIRE, ASCEND, & RESELL your customers (even if you don't have anything to sell at the moment). 

Rather than having just ONE offer, we'll strategically plan and position multiple "no-brainer" offers that will help you increase the lifetime value of your customers, as well as their average order value.   

This hour is critical. It's the part where we make it easy for your paid ads to be profitable.

#3: We build the sales funnel

Once our offers are locked in. We get to work on building a low-ticket funnel for you so you can build your list and generate sales automatically - giving you your time back. 

We'll knock out a high-converting landing page, I'll write and set up your sales page, set up your order bump, and your upsell... and hook up all the tech.

If you jumped off the call after this, it would still be worth 10X your investment.


Now it's time to ascend your customers. 

We do this by having an "indoctrination" sequence that welcomes them into your world and invites them to take the next step with you.

This is perfect is you're looking to get more people into your Facebook group, get more listeners to your podcast or even better,  sell anything high-ticket (which we'll also discuss).

We'll even create a survey for your market and I'll show you how to automate collecting responses so you always know what your market wants (and the exact copy you can use to market it to them).

#5: We figure out THE numbers

Once we have everything in place, it's now time to figure out our numbers to ensure profitability - our Key Performance Indicators (KPI). 

We'll figure out what your cost per click, cost per lead, cost per purchase, and average order value needs to be so that when you start to run ads, you know whether or not they are performing. 

All this before you spend a dime on ads. 

#6: We set up the advertising campaigns

We're not going to be focusing on just ONE traffic platform, we're going to take care of three. 

We'll set up your business so that it's ready to advertise with Facebook, Google, & YouTube so that you don't only have ONE way to generate traffic, but you have all three. 

Everything set up for you... correctly - this alone is worth the 1 day experience. 

#7: we add on the tracking

As you know, what doesn't get tracked, doesn't get optimized. We'll discuss tracking options and make sure you have an easy way to track everything we've setup in our day together. 


Just before we end the day we'll design your free traffic strategy by seeing what is already proven to work in your market. I'll help you create an editorial calendar for the entire year that's capable of getting free visitors per month and I'll share with you my perfect blog layout to turn those visitors into leads. 

You'll Be Smiling From Ear to Ear When You See The Results From Everything We Setup In Our Time Together!

"My business is now at 6 figures!"

Oscar has most certainly helped me and my business grow, which is now at 6 figures! His guidance and knowledge is 1000% part of my biz growth. I often find myself saying, “Oscar taught me…..”

Kelly Dunlap - Kelly Dunlap Lifestyle & Nutrition




Odds are you're a subscriber from my email list and you already know a little bit about me.

If not, that's cool too... makes sense since I haven't been running ads posing in front of fast cars or in my garage with stacks of books... lame, I know...

I don't have a yacht, a jet, or even a house for that matter.

I'm just a dude that converted his van into a mobile home and office that travels the country and guess what... I love it!

Instead of running "guru" ads I was busy building an online soccer training business (Renegade Soccer Training) from 0 to half a million in sales in less than a year on the back of a $27 product.

I'm not going to say that I've been in your shoes, but I will say that I know the struggle.

So I decided to do better for people like you - hard-working, ambitious, action takers who deserve the guidance of someone who's not a "guru" but runs their own business and can help be the catalyst that puts your business back into gear.

There's NO wasted time - we jump right in and get to work and at the end of the day you'll have everything you need. 

"He's my secert weapon"

He's passionate about what he does and nobody I know right now knows more about Facebook ads than Oscar, but it's more than that.  It's the conversion, it's the bringing them through the sales process in your marketing, that's what I really love about Oscar. He's a great man and I highly recommend him and I use him all the time.

Martin Wales - Clients For Coaches



  • 9hr strategy and implementation session
  • You're entire year of marketing planned out
  • A complete sales funnel built out to grow your list and generate sales
  • All of your ads pre-written and designed
  • You welcome "indoctrination" email sequence fully built 

You'll have everything you need to move forward with confidence.

This includes your paid ads, social media, content marketing, email marketing, backend, tracking, EV-ERY-THING!



  • My complete A/B split testing guide that shows you how I optimize different areas of the funnel until I achieve profitability. 
  • A copy of my marketing and business metrics spreadsheet that calculates important metrics for you and allows you to run your business efficiently. 
  • Video recording of the day so you can review anything you'd like on your own time. 
  • One free 1-hour Zoom follow up sessions to review your campaigns whenever you want. 

These bonuses are strategic additions that insure the success of our day together and give you the tools necessary to be successful after our day together.

You'll leave the day with everything you need to have to make this your best year yet. 

How Much Is Your Best Year Worth?

You could try and do all of this yourself. You could buy a course on how to do everything that I listed above or join some sort of coaching group. 


We can work together for 1 day and speed up the entire process. I've been doing this successfully for the past 7 years and have built systems that allow me to implement quickly and get results faster. 

You benefit from speed & implementation while I'll do all the heavy lifting... so it's super easy for you. 

Most businesses never even get to the starting line, let alone run the race. 

It's time to change that and get you to the point where you can move forward with confidence, clarity, and momentum. 

I'm confident that you're going to love our day together and that you'll leave with the resources to potentially make this your highest revenue producing year - ever.

All this for a one time investment of $5,000 for everything I've mentioned above.

If this is a "Heck Yes!" for you, then please shoot me an email at [email protected] with the subject line "Best Day Ever" and we'll get you started. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to making this your best day ever!

- Oscar

"my life has completely changed"

My life has completely changed. Oscar Garcia literally has the expertise to take you from an idea up through a real business. We literally went from an idea to a business. We did like $665,000.00 in revenue on about $215,000.00 on Facebook ads. That's over a 200% on R.O.I. You know? That kind of freedom that comes with that level of financial success is something that it can't be overemphasized.

JR Haworth - Renegade Soccer Training