March 2, 2023

Transcript: Ep #083 10X Your Course Sales Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth

Hey there and welcome to The OMG! Show, the podcast that helps course creators grow their business with profitable paid traffic funnels. My name is Oscar Garcia, and it’s my mission to help you, the course creator drive more traffic and convert more customers so that you can have a thriving and sustainable business.

In today’s episode, we’re gonna be taking a look at three ideas that will actually help you 10X, your sales, and we’ll get you set up for longterm growth and success within your business, that doesn’t give you burnout because let’s face it. If we are working on your businesses, we want to do things that are going to pay dividends down the road in a big way. So while these may not provide you with the results right away, you’re sure going to be glad that you used them.

Now in this episode, you’re also going to discover what you need to add right now to your email auto responder, to make it much more effective. We’re going to go into how to start branding your business without breaking the bank. And had to turn your customers into profit generating advocates.

By the way, if you’re looking for some great resources, that’ll help you run your business. Then listen up at the end of this episode, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can join my marketing and mojitos community for free while it is still in beta. If you want answers, this is the number one place to get that.

With that let’s go ahead and get started.

So we want to generate more sales more often. But more so than that, we want to have some sense of freedom, right? We want to be able to live life on our terms and make an impact along the way.

We want to have that financial stability and security. And I can’t tell you time and time again, whenever I do have a one-on-one consultation call with someone, that’s generally the first thing that comes to mind. It’s like Oscar, I just want to be able to, you know, pay my mortgage and just not have to worry about retirement. I want to put something away and I just want to, you know, live life on my own terms.

Right? No big ask. But the thing is that when we think about generating more sales, Something happens when we go into a thinking pattern where either we have to bust our butt to create more content, or we think we have to spend more money on ads and sure.

Don’t get me wrong, creating more content and spending more money on ads will also work in terms of generating more sales.

We also need to factor in the return on effort. Otherwise, doing it a lot of work starts to become the norm and we end up creating a ton of work for ourselves that we may feel we can actually never escape.

We start to think that if we’re not doing all of these crazy things, we’re not growing, we’re not building.

Which of course is going to be down towards burnout. And most importantly, not showing up consistently for our market in a way that aligns with your goals.

We start to hustle and we grind and it always feels like we are taking three steps forward and two steps back.

The thing is that if we want to 10X, our sales, the best we can do is figure out how to do more with less.

Another word for this is efficiency, right? How much more efficient can we be? How can we generate more with what we already have? In essence, when life gives you lemons, let’s use them to sell lemonade, lemon pops and lemon squares.

Now for me, this all comes back towards 2020 when apple released the iOS 14.

This was a big update that hugely impacted the results that I was able to generate from Facebook, all of my costs across the board went sky high. And I was used to getting, you know, a 20X return on my ads. I could put 10 bucks in knowing that I was going to get $150 – $200 out. It was, it was a great time to be on Facebook.

But after that update, I went from generating leads for about 30 cents to now, generating leads for over $2 and a lot of the funnels that we were working at that time, essentially either started breaking even or worse, not even generating a profit on the front end at all.

And it was, I mean, it was crazy. And so as a paid traffic guy, I’ve realized that, okay, well, I don’t want to go and start creating a ton of content.

I also can give up on ads. I understand that I need to get better in my marketing. But what else can I do? That will allow me to continue to run ads, but grow my business at the same time with the assets and, the email lists that I already have. And so that kind of gave me this framework that even to this day I use and I preached

For some of you have been longtime listeners of the show that you’re going to find one or two things that I’ve talked about before, because I truly believe in their power and in their effectiveness and starting with number one, the first tip that you want to integrate into your business right away to 10X, your sales.

Is adding a survey to your email auto responder. Meaning that whether someone’s coming in as a lead, or if they’re a customer you want to automatically survey them. Meaning if they’re a lead, and they’re coming in because they just signed up for your lead magnet, send them a quick questionnaire where they can fill out, what are the biggest pain points and challenges.

So for example, with Renegade Soccer Training, we have a survey where we ask them, “Hey, when it comes to, you know, playing with more confidence and improving your ball control, what is the number one biggest challenge you seem to have?”

When it comes to my consulting business, right? If you were to sign up for my list, you’re going to get an email that says, “Hey, when it comes to, running, scaling your course based business, what is the number one challenge that you seem to be facing right now?”

And on top of that question, I also have some other specific demographic questions. Like how much are you making per year? do you consider yourself a business owner or something else, et cetera, et cetera. But these questions are fine tuned, so as I’m generating the leads, I understand who’s becoming a part of my email list, but at the same time, what are their biggest problems?

Now a cool little pro tip here is that whenever someone fills out a survey, I personally respond to that survey and give them additional resources based on that specific problem that they entered into the survey.

I do this for both my customers and also for the leads, of course they have to fill that out, but in my email auto responder,

I generally give them an option for subscribers, for people who aren’t customers, that they just joined my list. I pretty much give them an ultimatum where I’m like, Hey, do me a favor, fill out the survey, or just do me a quick favor and click the unsubscribe link. And if you choose to do neither, my system will automatically unsubscribe you.

The reason I do that is because I don’t care to have the largest list in the world. I care to actually connect with the people that are on my list. And in order for me to do that, I need to know what they are going through. I can’t just assume. So that’s why I love surveys. I, when it comes to customers, instead of asking them to, click on this link or unsubscribe, what I do is I provide an incentive. Meaning if you fill out the survey, I’m going to go ahead and give you a bonus that I didn’t even mention about when you purchased the program. So that way it aligns with what they currently purchased. And I get that feedback from them. Okay, so definitely go ahead. Add that server to your autoresponder.

Number two is that you definitely want to use video to warm up cold audiences. Right? So instead of creating a ton of content and trying to be everywhere, And being on Tik TOK, YouTube. Uh, Instagram, et cetera, et cetera.

Create one killer piece of content, one, three to five minute video, something that hurts you to give away for free something that is totally focused on one specific topic. And, uh, you feel like you should charge for it. That’s kind of where you need to be from a content standpoint. And what’s going to happen is you just put five bucks or seven bucks behind it and you just let that run.

But what ends up happening is that this piece of content ends up becoming a liaison between your business and people who have never heard of you. as we’re providing this amazing value, people are going to self-select whether or not they want to be a part of your business, or they don’t want to be a part of your business and all the while.

The platform that you’re using to advertise it as collecting data on who’s engaging with this content. So in a way it’s building an invisible list that you can then later retarget to. This is great, no matter what is happening, regardless if apple releases another. Uh, update or Android does, or the economy is going up and down. It doesn’t matter.

This video will always be there to warm up those audiences, which then you could later retarget to, and believe me, whenever you have a warm audience, they’re always going to convert at a much higher rate at a lower cost. Okay, last but not least to 10X, your sales number three is to incentivize a referral and a testimonial program.

So I love referrals and you can do referrals for both leads and customers. Right? So for customers, it would be something kind of like a, get 25%. when you refer someone and they get 25% when they buy And there’s plenty of programs online that will help you do that. So for example,

My personal favorite because it integrates directly with Thrivecart is called Prefinery. And it allows me to set up campaigns in that nature. But there’s also referral candy and UpViral on a whole bunch of other different things. That’ll allow you to do that. Now for leads, you can do the same thing where you can ask people to sign up for a free lead magnet and then have some really cool kind of bonus giveaways where they can access them, if they’re refer more people to you that way you’re not constantly focused.

On paying for leads, you can actually get your leads to generate more leads for you and get your, your customers to refer more customers for you. But along the same lines when it comes to testimonials. Especially if you have multiple programs. What you want to do is again, Include a testimonial in your email auto responder and send it 30 days after they purchased the program.

You know, ask them. You know, a specific set of questions to make sure you capture their story. And at the end, give them 25% off to another program that’s going to be there on the next path, in their journey. That way you’re automating your testimonial collection, which you can use to then display on your sales page. But at the same time, you are then increasing the lifetime value of your customer because you’re incentivizing them to then come back and purchase again.

And it’s very simple to set this process up. If you have an active campaign account it’s super easy to do. And if you need the questions on how to ask for killer testimonials, I have a whole resource inside of Marketing & Mojitos that you can get for free.

So there you have three things that you could do right now to start 10Xing, your sales. Now, if you are tired of running your business by yourself, or you’re too overwhelmed with all the information, that there is available online. I hear you and I invite you to join my marketing and mojitos community. It’s free for the time being, and it’s going to give you the resources. You need to put these things into action. Not to mention if you have a question that you’re going to get the exact answer you need at the right time.

So if you’re interested, head on over to to sign up or click the link available in the show notes. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the OMG show. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and make sure to tune in for the next one.

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