February 24, 2023

Transcript: Ep #082 Stop Losing Sales! 3 Sales Page Mistakes You Need to Fix Now

[00:00:00] Oscar Garcia: Welcome to The OMG! Show, the podcast helps course creators grow their business with profitable paid traffic funnels. My name is Oscar Garcia, and it’s my mission to help you the course creator, drive more traffic, and convert more customers so that you can have a thriving and sustainable business.

In today’s episode, we’re gonna be taking a look at the top three mistakes. I often see this when it comes to creating sales pages in the hopes that you can drive more conversions, generate your list with more customers, so that way your business can scale. Now, in this episode, we’re also going to be taking a look at the 10 points your sales page needs to have. What most people are doing wrong and how you should approach your sales page as an actual business owner.

Now, if you’re tired of feeling isolated and unsure about how to grow your course-based business. Then listen up. At the end of this episode, I’ll be sharing with you how you can join my free marketing and mojitos community, a supportive group, of course, creators, just like you, who are dedicated to helping each other succeed. Now, if you’re trying to leverage your knowledge for income or for profit and do it at a point where you can still, spend time doing what you want to do. Maybe you want to spend time with your family. You want to travel, you want to pursue different projects. Then in most cases, you’re going to need a sales page.

But that sales page comes in all different shapes and sizes, right? Some are super long and detailed while others are super short. There are plenty of templates and layouts out there that you can follow, but doing that doesn’t really mean that your sales page is going to convert. And believe me, it’s less about layout and more about argument.

if we get the sales page wrong, then we may totally shoot ourselves in the foot, of ever having some kind of evergreen sales process where we are constantly, generating sales consistently. This of course can lead you to going into crisis mode where you start comparing yourself to others and you start jumping from shiny object to shiny object.

In order to make things work right. Well thing is that there is a method to the madness and it may not be on your first or 10th attempt. But creating a sales page that does convert is totally within your wheelhouse. You just have to have a little bit of patience, and avoid having to make these three common mistakes.

Now look, I’ve been doing this for the past seven years and although I’ve been a paid traffic guy and believe me, I’ve said this before in past episodes. That I’ve never been able to build a business organically. Right? So I’ve only been able to do so successfully with paid ads. And believe me when you’re actively spending money on ads to drive conversions, your sales page needs to convert. I’ve lost money. I’ve definitely lost more than a few hairs and I’ve definitely lost a lot of sleep, figuring out all of this over time. So hopefully you don’t have to. Okay.

So mistake number one is not knowing what your sales page is regardless of your traffic temperature. Regardless if your traffic is cold, warm, hot.

If they’re coming from YouTube or if you’re driving paid ads. Your sales page is not about your product. It’s about an argument. Okay. The argument as to why this offer is going to be the one that can help your prospect. Okay. It’s an argument. That’s going to give them confidence in making sure,

that your offer is the right thing for them. Now, any argument has three main points to it. You have ethos, which is the authority. You have logos, which is logic, and you have Pathos, which is emotion. So that’s authority, logic, and emotion. And you might be saying, well, thanks, Oscar. That’s fine. And all.

But what does that actually mean when it comes to my sales page? Knowing that each sales page needs to have those three main factors. Whenever I’m evaluating a sales page. I generally look for nine to 10 different things to make sure that I feel confident on driving traffic to this sales page.

The first one is what is the big promise? Okay. We need to make sure that we have a big promise on that sales page and that number two, we have proof points that are backing up that big promise. Now after those proof points and backing up the promise. We want to make sure, that we also have some credibility factors.

Right? We need to give our prospect confidence and knowing that we know what we’re talking about and that they can trust us. So we must have credibility factors on there, to give our prospect confidence. Now after that. The next thing I look for is what is the unique benefit that is being offered by this specific product or offer or course, or whatever it may be that is not being offered by their competition? So to give you an example with my main business Renegade soccer training, when we were first starting out in developing our online at home training program. We were, we, we did our market research. We looked at the competition and we realized that a lot of the programs were just a random collection of videos that parents and players had to sit through and kind of puzzle piece together. So what we ended up doing was we developed a push play and train system, meaning everything was already laid out.

All they had to do was come in, push play and start training. There was no. PDFs. There’s no. You know, do this, do this, do that kind of a thing. It’s just push, play and train. And that was the unique benefit that we offered for that program that was different than our competition. Now, alongside that unique benefit, we also need to make sure that we have.

That one main piece or aspect of your offer that delivers on your main, big promise. Okay. So to give you an idea, if our big promise for renegade soccer training was like, Hey, we hope you turn into a better soccer player within 30 days. Let’s say that’s our big promise. Our unique mechanism that delivered that promise was called our progressive stacking system. This was our unique method in terms of how we deliver those results. And so it.

Pretty much was a way of creating the programs where we started off. Day one super easy day. Two was a little bit harder. Day three was harder. Day four would go back to being easy. Day five was a little bit harder. Day six would be even harder than it, go back to being easy. And we did that over 30 days and we called that our progressive stacking method.

Another company to do it really well was beach body. Back in the day, they had this program called P90X. It was the number one at home program and the reason why was because they had a unique mechanism called muscle confusion that delivered those, big results. Right. Muscle confusion was just a fancy term for HIIT workouts. Okay. So that was the unique mechanism after that.

Now once we’ve gone through our unique benefit and our unique mechanism. Do we have a track record of success? That’s displayed on the sales page, meaning, do we have testimonials? Do we have, you know, case studies? Do we have proof of what we’re saying is actually true? Okay. After that, we then go into like, what’s interesting about our offer. Is there anything that we can share? That’s fun and exciting?

because again, we want to connect with our prospect. It can’t just be, you know, sell, sell, sell, sell. We need to have some kind of elements in there that make it interesting and fun for them to want to be a part of. Now after that, we want to look at, what are some features or facts of the actual offer? So, you know, features a lot of people get this confused, but features are just the facts. Tangibles,

of your actual offer. So is it a digital course? Is it a members only area? do they get access to a Facebook group? Is it on teachable? how many modules is it? How many videos, how many minutes are each video? Like it’s all that tangible the facts of the actual offer. The benefits on the other hand are all about the transformation, the outcomes. And I had a cost professor and she said it best, features tell benefits. So your benefits should be transformation focused. Okay. And by doing that, it’s going to really highlight.

The why as to why they want to purchase this program, this course, et cetera, et cetera. Once I have all these three and I’m satisfied. Then I generally feel like, okay, you know what? I’m good here. I can start driving traffic to it. Okay.

Mistake number two is having the wrong focus. This comes into play in a variety of different ways, but mainly in terms of audience. In most cases when I’m evaluating a sales page, the audience is just way too broad. We need to be specific painfully specific with our audience. So one of my favorite exercises.

That I do with people that I generally work with. Or like my Mojitolings inside of Marketing and Mojitos. Is, you know, I help blank who blank and blank. That one statement right there. If you get super specific with it. can really change your entire view in terms of who you can help and how you can help them. Okay. Once again, it’s I help blank who blank and blank. So in the beginning of this podcast, you hear, I help course creators.

Grow their business through profitable paid traffic funnels. That’s my statement. Those are the people that I focus on. Why? Because I’m a course creator and I know how to help course creators who are looking to drive paid ads. Those are my people. I’m one of them, you know, we, we go hand in hand.

So we need to be specific in terms of who our offers are for. On our sales page. On top of that, you have to realize that when it comes to focus, your sales page is less about selling and more about helping. Okay? The focus should be on helping your prospect make a decision. Yes or no. Is this right for them? Is this not right for them? And by doing so, that’s how you create a super strong argument. Going back to mistake. Number one, that gives them confidence to move forward.

All right now, mistake number three is not knowing your numbers. And this is probably one of my largest pet peeves is probably because I drive traffic. So I need to know my numbers, but knowing your numbers is key to being a business owner and to driving conversions on your sales page and in your business in general.

You need to know your numbers, the gold. Is in your numbers, right? Your wins are going to be in the number. So you got to track them. You got to know. How many clicks are you getting? Out of those clicks. How many are actually visiting your sales page on those that visit your sales page? How many click on your buy button? Out of those that click on your buy button? How many go to the checkout page?

Out of those efforts at the checkout page, how many actually ended up buying? Right. And it’s super easy to track this stuff. In fact, inside of Marketing & Mojitos. I share with you. A spreadsheet that I use to track that you can use for yourself. So it’s super easy. It’s just, you know, maybe 10 columns and you just track manually. In fact, it’s part of my daily routine. Every morning I wake up.

I opened up my laptop. I open up that spreadsheet. I start tracking my numbers manually and I can see where the bottlenecks are in my business, in my funnel. And I can make adjustments here and there. Okay. You can’t do that. If you’re not tracking, you can not optimize your page if you’re not tracking.

So if you’re not doing it now, it’s okay. But start today. Start tracking your numbers. If you need the spreadsheet, join Marketing & Mojitos, it’s there for free. Downloaded. Boom. You got it. Ready to go? Okay, but by avoiding these three mistakes, that’s how you end up with a killer sales page. That is primed and ready for you to send more traffic and convert more customers.

So that you can avoid a sales page where your prospects are constantly saying no, and going to your competitors because that’s just the worst.

So there you have it, the three mistakes you need to avoid to increase conversions, on your sales page. Now, if you’re looking for more specific feedback on your sales page so that you can drive more conversions well, then I invite you to join my marketing and mojitos community. It’s free for the time being and filled with people who want to see you succeed.

Even better it’s off of Facebook. So you can actually focus and get stuff done. Now when you’re in, go ahead and share your sales page and we’ll let you know exactly if you’re on the right track. Or if there are some things you should tweak. Head on over to www.oscarmgarcia.com/beta to sign up or click the link available in the show notes. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the OMG show. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and make sure to tune in for the next one.

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