February 1, 2023

Josh Rosenberg hit a roadblock when trying to make his guitar course a success in a crowded market. He tried the traditional sales letter route but it was a flop. That’s when he had a lightbulb moment and decided to chat with his target audience. What did he find out? Men over 45 were his secret weapon, craving a chance to relive their youth and jam with their buddies. By tailoring his approach and adding some enticing upsells, the sales started rolling in. Tune in to hear Josh’s story and learn how you too can find your market’s sweet spot and hit the high notes in your own course sales.

“We Need to Figure Out Whatever is Keeping You up at Night, Scaring the Hell Out of You, Causing You to Grind Your Teeth and Lose Sleep.” – Josh Rosenberg

How can we create, market, and sell an almost 7-figure course in a saturated market, even if we’re not the subject matter expert?

While creating a course on something we personally know seems to be the way to go, for many, finding others to partner with brings in a different version of success and freedom, especially if you apply marketing practices that simply work.

That is why we are joined by Josh Rosenberg who partnered up with his longtime friend and traveling musician to enter the highly competitive “learn how to play guitar market.” Together, they created a product that virtually sells on autopilot and grants freedom to them both.

In this episode, we’re also going to be taking a look at:

  • We’re also going to unpack how to find find the right niche to enter and start a business,
  • How to improve your copywriting to drive more conversions,
  • how to find the right kind of people to partner with.

Show Value Bombs:

  • You can’t create and offer and try to solve all the problems at once. You have to focus on ONE specific problem and everything else you wanted to offer, think about how you can offer them at bonuses, upsells, order bumps, or separate front-end offers.
  • Oftentimes, the lead magnet that is going to attract your ideal customer, is going to be a piece of advice that you might consider not to be relevant or really elementary. Think of something that no one is talking about and present it as something new.
  • Segment your list depending on what actions people are taking. It’s important to turn your autoresponder into a virtual sales agent to continue to make offers to your list automatically in the backend.

Here’s a brief overview of the episode:

  • [00:00:00] A new ad campaign focuses on teaching men over 45 how to play the guitar. The campaign is aimed at men who want to recapture their youth. The creative director says he had to find a way to make the ad work. He says he switched tactics from traditional direct response marketing.
  • [00:06:26] The Saturation is more what people perceive than the actual reality of what’s going on within the market. While something is trendy, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to build something sustainable with longevity. The end goal is to build a business that is sustainable.
  • [00:10:55] If I want you to have a real change, it’s better for me to condense it down to as small of a piece as possible.
  • [00:17:55] If that content is solid and strong enough, it pretty much sells the program without you having to go through all these loops.
  • [00:19:08] Just because something works for you in January doesn’t mean it’s going to be working the same way in June. We’re constantly taking new freeline content and rotating it out.
  • [00:20:28] We’re around three and a half to 5% conversion rate, depending on the traffic source they’re coming from. Average card value of $279.
  • [00:28:32] YouTube rewards channels that have been around for ten or twelve years for still being relevant.
  • [00:31:54] The tech really doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, period. Always best to reinvest between five and 10% of all of your revenue profits back into your business.

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About Josh Rosenberg

Josh Rosenberg is a renowned marketer and entrepreneur. He’s won 10 ClickBank Platinum awards and is considered one of the world’s top copywriters. He’s dedicated to helping people start and grow businesses that fulfill their dreams. Josh is the founder of Very Good Marketing Consultants and the “Copywriters Clubhouse,” a global entrepreneurial community. He’s also a managing partner of a New York City animal rescue charity. Josh helps online businesses dominate their industries through expert marketing strategies and sales-funnels. He’s generated over $100 million in revenue and is committed to empowering entrepreneurs to succeed.

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