August 13, 2021

Quick Take:

In this episode of Burning the Boats, Oscar interviews serial entrepreneur Gabriella Ribeiro who runs multiple businesses including The Mogul Mom and TruMarketing. Oscar and Gabriella candidly talk about all things business with an emphasis on relationships, fear, and prospering through a pandemic. Listeners will be encouraged to get outside of their comfort zone, hit the ground listening, and how to look for the next “void” that is going to provide amazing opportunity.


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Show Value Bombs:

  • Identifying limits in business and balancing the emotional side is key in starting a business.
  • Fear is an asset that will help get your business to the next level.
  • Relationships, trust and a strong support system are the backbone of a growing business.

Show Notes

Today on The OMG! Show: Burning the Boats with Special Guest Gabriella Ribeiro

:25 – Oscar welcomes Gabriella Ribeiro and asks her to share where it all started.

  • Gabriella shares about her family, her childhood (including highs and lows) and how travel found her.
  • Gabriella shares about her education, childhood travels, and how the world has been her classroom.

4:07 Oscar asks Gabriella about a memory that stands out to her.

  • Gabriella shares how anything her dad did had to be super big.
  • She shares the pros and cons of that.
  • Gabriella shares how she learned about limits.

5:48 Oscar asks Gabriella how she identifies limits within her business and manages the emotional side.

  • Gabriella shares how she’s been able to build, shift, create.
  • She shares about last year when the tourism industry was hit.
  • She shares how she survived from shifting.
  • She shared how she identified what people need at the time (ie virtual events).

8:04 Oscar asks about finding voids of which Gabriella took advantage.

  • Gabriella shares how she listened to what her travel planners needed.
  • She shares how she tried to figure out a product that could help them.
  • She shares about her network that was committed to helping during that time.

11:10 Oscar asks about Gabriella in the beginning.

  • Gabriella shares how she was able to work around things.
  • Gabriella shares how the opportunity came for her to do her own thing.
  • Gabriella shares her mindset on financial investments.

15:20 Oscar asks Gabriella about jumping on opportunities.

  • Gabriella shares about the lesson she had to learn about delivering results.
  • She shares what she learned through Covid about clients.
  • She shares how you must learn how to manage cash flow.

18:51 Oscar asks about examples of when Gabriella didn’t manage well.

  • She shares about a client that went bankrupt and how money dwindled.
  • She shares the importance of not devaluing your work or your worth.
  • She shares the importance of operating as if the bottom is always going to fall out and never get rid of the fear.

20:43 Oscar asks Gabriella about managing fear and ego.

  • Gabriella shares that she manages fear by doing something about it.
  • She uses medical procedures as an example.
  • She shares about the importance of a healthy amount of fear.
  • Oscar underscores what happens when people get too comfortable.

23:10 Oscar asks Gabriella what her next step was.

  • Gabriella shares that she hired someone that is still with her.
  • Gabriella started to do more project based work and began putting together events.
  • She was virtually planning people’s trips and began blogging about it.
  • She realized that what she was doing could be a business for her.
  • She shares about carry on bags they are going to launch.

25:44 Oscar asks Gabriella how she goes about finding people to add to her team.

  • Gabriella shares how you have to know what works.
  • She focuses on giving people what they need and what they love.

27:51 Oscar asks Gabriella about how she manages trust.

  • Gabriella shares about what she considers measurable.
  • She compares trust to having a toddler.
  • She emphasizes the importance of giving people the power to make their own decisions.

30:11 Oscar asks how being a mother has changed how she does business.

  • Gabriella emphasizes the need for flexibility.
  • Gabriella shares about the difficulty of traveling as a mom and about taking her daughter when she can.

32:27 Oscar asks Gabriella about her support system.

  • Gabriella shares about her mom.
  • Gabriella shares about her partner.
  • Gabriella shares about her daughter.
  • Gabriella shares about her circle of friends.
  • Gabriella emphasizes the places where you put yourself are where you will find interesting support.

35:19 Oscar asks Gabriella her point of view regarding business relationships.

  • Gabriella shares about people that check in and keep in touch.
  • She emphasizes that the number you can fully trust are a handful.

37:25 Oscar asks Gabriella about a business she runs.

  • Gabriella emphasizes the difference between acquiring an audience and picking one yourself.
  • Gabriella shares about finding her voice.

41:15 Oscar asks Gabriella about knowing when to step away.

  • Gabriella shares her biggest challenge ever.
  • Gabriella shares about when she stepped away.
  • Gabriella emphasizes the importance of noticing patterns.

44:22 Oscar asks Gabriella about business during COVID.

  • Gabriella shared that it didn’t change how the business was already set up.
  • Gabriella shares how morale decreased as people weren’t traveling.
  • Gabriella shares how she had to pivot.
  • Gabriella shares about the fear mixed with panic being a jolt.
  • Gabriella shares the importance of facing fear.

47:55 Oscar asks Gabriella about trends she noticed during COVID.

  • Gabriella emphasized the beauty of people reconnecting because they had time.
  • Gabriella shares how people are supporting each other in a way they haven’t before.

50:51 Oscar asks Gabriella about what’s next.

  • Gabriella shares about how at-home COVID kits are changing the game for travel post COVID.
  • Gabriella highlights nothing that ever seems stark is permanent.

53:13 Oscar highlights the takeaways from this episode.

  • Oscar emphasizes the importance of looking for the void and hitting the ground running.
  • Gabriella emphasizes the importance of not hesitating.

53:45 Gabriella shares how you can follow her.


About Gabriella Ribeiro

Gabriella Ribeiro is a serial entrepreneur, adventurist, frequent global wanderer, friend, daughter and most importantly, a mother to an amazing little girl.
Gabriella currently runs multiple businesses including TRUMarketing, The Mogul Mom, and is author of the book, “48 Hours in… : Lessons Learned From A Lifetime Of Global Jaunts“. In addition to running her businesses, Gabriella thrives on living outside your comfort zone while living authentically and treasuring relationships deeply.

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