June 11, 2021

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Taking a podcast from conception to multi-platformed monetization requires a focused plan consistently executed. But there’s an additional secret ingredient not to be overlooked! In this episode of the OMG Show, Oscar talks with Franciska Kosman about the importance of having purpose and a guiding mission at the core of any entrepreneurial venture. They explore everything from Franciska’s unique niche as a Jewish Orthodox singer and podcaster to the step-by-step programs her Kay Productions offers to would-be hosts just starting out.


Key Takeaways:

  • Discipline: It’s the first tool for podcasting or any other enterprise.
  • Niche platforms may be slower to grow initially but offer tremendous potential for monetization in the long run.
  • It’s all about the mission. When you keep your eyes fixed on the goals and core vision the rest falls into place.



01:00 – Franciska fills Oscar in on her fascinating bio, which includes:

  • Growing up as part of a large Jewish Orthodox family (and remaining observant today).
  • Living with her family in Russia, where they ministered to a post-Soviet desire among many Jews to reconnect with their tradition.
  • Early immersion in arts of all kinds, most especially music.

03:05 – A bit about Franciska’s solo singing career (she just released her sixth CD) and the doors that it has opened for her as well as lessons learned along the way:

  • Time Management: Working well on deadline, staying focused and rested are critical to Franciska’s success.
  • Franciska has been constantly in “learning” mode, acquiring skills in a range of areas (graphic design, production, sales, etc.).
  • To be scaleable, however, Franciska recognizes that she needs to acquire the support of experts with skills sets to support her growing business.

06:02 – Oscar probes a little more deeply on the topic of discipline and the role it plays in bringing entrepreneurial ventures from vision to execution.

  • Russian culture and music both showed Franciska early that whether you do – or don’t – practice, it shows!
  • Being a middle child shaped Franciska. Helping care for siblings fostered a sense of responsibility and the importance of showing up.

09:00 – Realizing that she’d acquired the skills and maximized her learning helped her reach the point where she was able to confidently start leveling up.

10:27 – Walking the line between podcasting and singing and other pursuits has been about learning that it’s all a process. Feedback and failure are invaluable tools – along with flexibility.

13:56 – Doing a 9-to-5 job and the invaluable lessons that experience taught Franciska:

  • People need autonomy and the ability to create schedules that work with their individual rhythms.
  • If you need accountability, get a coach!
  • Recognizing thoughts and social constructs that don’t serve is crucial.

17:28 – How Franciska came to recognize the value in coaching:

  • First-hand experience with traumatic transitions acquainted her with the transformational benefit in seeking therapy.
  • Entrepreneurism is a niche that has no manual or curriculum. It’s something that requires hands-on expertise and sharing.

19:20 – Oscar asks Franciska to talk a bit more about her musical career:

  • Orthodox Judaism created certain constraints and opportunities.
  • Franciska’s podcast became a gathering place for other female orthodox performers to connect and support one another.
  • A sense of searching and need to be heard sparked Franciska’s initial foray into the world of podcasting, which resulted in an entirely new community.

23:30 – Getting the word out to listeners. The art and science behind Franciska’s market outreach:

  • Her market was already there and just needed recognition.
  • She articulated the stories personal to her podcast listeners.
  • Campaigns focused on messaging that resonated with intimacy and candor.
  • Education was the platform’s central priority and the consumer base grew from there (not overnight).

25:52 – Franciska’s growth has been slow because her product caters to a very specific niche but her value-add lies in her expertise and audience loyalty follows.

27:20 – Three elements essential to Franciska’s work: Money, personal fulfillment and a broader mission or driver. It’s a constant balancing act (that requires self-forgiveness and patience) to keep all three in play.

29:27 – The concept for Kay Productions and how Franciska evolved her decision to extend coaching and expert support to prospective podcasters.

  • It was a very intentional transition that involved growing pains.
  • The financial investment has been substantial.
  • As the entrepreneur, remember to pay yourself first!
  • Positive feedback played a huge role in spurring Franciska on.
  • Podcasting is an anti-sales form of sales, selling through service and education.

34:30 – Podcasting 101. Franciska gives step-by-step advice for would-be hosts.

  • Passion – You must choose a subject that genuinely excites and compels you; that fundamental connection is what creates enduring interest.
  • Consistency – Create a plan and stick with it no matter what. Predictability is key.
  • Expertise – Choose your topic and then do the homework. It can be any area of interest, but dig in, build a network and become an expert in that field.

37:18 – Franciska’s approach to creating content:

  • To start off, she helps clients create a clear plan with milestones on a timeline they determine together.
  • Determine the direction for content, then delegate the research and prep.
  • Podcasting is a great forum for generating content with a low barrier to entry.
  • Create a series of episodes with a theme and then re-purpose snippets for YouTube, Instagram, newsletters and other platforms.

40:40 – Oscars asks about the timing for outsourcing. How do you know when it’s right?

  • The cost of outsourcing is substantial and not something Franciska recommends for newbies who have not yet monetized their product.
  • Kay Productions offers a variety of podcast services, including a DIY package for those just starting out.
  • Leverage social media to extend reach and refresh messaging.

42:52 – Organic, paid or hybrid? What’s the best strategy for growing a podcast?

  • Franciska believes the initial offering should be allowed to grow organically.
  • Once there’s some evidence of an audience and success with monetization, the timing is then right for investing advertising dollars.
  • Start small and then scale into a hybrid model.

44:17 – Four strategies for monetization:

  • Apple, Spotify and other podcast companies now offer a paid option.
  • Sponsorships – Sell fee-based endorsements for companies looking to connect with your market segment. Flat rate.
  • Affiliate Relationships – Invite a guest with a product they wish to promote and negotiate a percentage of whatever sales result.
  • High-Ticket or Personal Offers: Use your platform to sell your own services, whether a membership or virtual retreat or long-term services.

47:00 – Oscar asks Franciska to share some real-world examples of how Personal Offers work, including figuring out price point and whether a product or service is valued by an audience. Building a brand means evoking an experience and/or feeling.

50:42 – Starting a podcast. What does it really take?

  • Podcasting is forgiving but the audio is all-important. It’s not essential but definitely worth considering an investment in a quality microphone.
  • YouTube offers a wealth of guidance to help with decision-making and planning.
  • Coaching of the kind offered at Kay Productions can help remove obstacles.

53:53 – What’s next for Franciska? Continuing to help business owners, and most especially women, break down barriers, produce projects and realize their visions.


About Franciska Kosman:

Kay Productions CEO/founder Franciska Kosman is a Jewish Orthodox art-Preneur who started her career as a singer and composer and became an international artist and performer, having released over 60 singles. She then moved on to launch Kay Productions, which offers a unique combination of services, from content development to producing, marketing, and – most importantly – ways to make an IMPACT with a message worth sharing.


Contact Franciska/Kay Productions:





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