June 4, 2021

Quick Take:

What is that little voice in the back of your head saying – and should you listen? On this episode of Burning the Boats, Oscar M. Garcia hosts an inspiring conversation with Sunil Godse, an author, branding expert, coach and consultant who leverages the power of intuition in uniquely transformational ways.


Key Takeaways:

  • Intuition is more than a random hunch. It’s a deep, scientifically recognized knowing that must be cultivated and understood.
  • All you need is two: When it comes to foundational relationships, it’s quality over quantity. Cutting loose negative influences clears the way for intuitive signals.
  • The power of intuition inspires purpose-driven lives. When in doubt, look back and consider previous decisions. Lifelong experience reveals your truest self.


01:14 – The early roots of Sunil’s natural attraction to entrepreneurism, the role intuition played in his evolution and why gut feelings are so impactful.

  • In looking at the stories of entrepreneurs, Sunil saw clear predictors of failure:
    • Disregarding and drowning out intuition.
    • Taking advice from mentors who don’t recognize or are unable to hear/share that intuition.
  • The desire for video games prompted Sunil’s early introduction to enterprise and the power of entrepreneurism.
  • The purity of his earliest successes and the drive they inspired dimmed over time with the impacts of life experience (counterproductive influences, parents’ divorce, social expectations).
  • Career expectations for Sunil consisted of four choices: Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer or Failure! Sunil chose Option #3 and became an engineer (following in his father’s footsteps).
  • Sales came early and easily to Sunil, who had a knack for building trust relationships and intuitive connections.
  • Following his instinct, which was drawing him inexorably towards entrepreneurism, Sunil abandoned engineering (to his father’s consternation).
  • In short order, Sunil logged six successful ventures with $20 million in revenue, after which he began consulting.
  • Failing to heed his intuition at one point had huge financial and emotional consequences for Sunil, who understood from these painful lessons just how critically important it was to pay attention to his gut (literally).
  • Sunil devoted 10,000 hours to understanding at the deepest scientific levels what exactly constitutes intuition and how it’s intertwined with relationships.
  • Intuition on average happens seven to 10 seconds before we actually are consciously aware of making a decision. The decision as to whether or not to trust another person generally occurs in under 14 seconds.
  • The reptilian brain (amygdala) hosts intuition and can be inspired from all kinds of sources.
  • How intuition manifests — its uniqueness and the ways in which dots connect via positive or negative signals.
  • Sunil conducted interviews with 1,000 business people to better understand intuitive signals and how they show up in subtle – and less – subtle ways.
  • Taking an Inventory of Signals: Everyone needs to bring self-awareness to those initial “whispers” that are the initial indicators for intuition.

18:07 – Oscar asks about how/whether intuition can vary substantially, depending on an individual’s history, temperament and other factors.

  • Optimizing intuitive signals requires intention and must be cultivated.
  • A Case Study: Four types of intuition that feed into ultimate decision-making:
    • Experiential Intuition
    • Situational Intuition
    • Relational Intuition
    • Creative Intuition

26:38 – Where exactly does intuition come from? Oscar wonders whether it’s genetic, environmental – and how best to get better attuned to those deep-rooted gut instincts.

  • Belief is foundational and very personal. The source of intuition can be based in science, spirituality or even DNA passed down from generation to generation.
  • Intuitionology – Sunil explains the process of discovery essential to understanding negative and positive signals and how they show up through an individual’s life experience. Take a Seven-Day Challenge here
  • Taking time to understand intuitive signals paves the way to a cleansing of negative people and counter-productive social expectations.

34:07 – What does it take to rewire the brain and is it really possible to change deeply ingrained reflexes and self-limiting beliefs?

  • Fear is your best friend – and can be harnessed for dramatic change. Bringing consciousness to fear, which resides in the amygdala (primitive brain), can create invaluable new neural pathways.
  • Taking a clear-eyed inventory requires not only facing hard truths but also making the hard choices and necessary changes.
  • Opportunity Cost: Each day not lived in authenticity is exponentially costly to ourselves and all those we touch. Take a step — not tomorrow but today.

41:47 – Oscar asks Sunil to speak to listeners about external influences and how to manage the distracting or negative voices they can introduce.

  • In some cases, counterproductive relationships (including business partnerships) simply need to be “cut off.”
  • Where possible, especially with family and kids, manage relationships into a place where they are supportive, not caustic.
  • It’s important constantly to be monitoring past and current experiences with people in your life and act to nurture relationships accordingly.
  • Listen to signals because they clear the way and open up channels for intuition.

50:29 – Does intuition have a cap? Is our ability to tap into the stream inherently limited?

  • Intuition occurs constantly, consciously and unconsciously, at all stages of life.
  • The more awareness and openness we bring to experiences, the more informed the psyche and better prepared to hear intuition early on.
  • The more informed the psyche, the more open we are to letting experiential, situational, relational and creative signals guide intuitive decision-making.


Further Resources and Info about Sunil:

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