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Ep #037 How to Pick A Profitable Niche

There is an old saying that there are “Riches In Niches” but how do we go about selecting a profitable niche? Is there some thing we can before we dive head first into a business to make sure we have the best opportunity for success and profitability? Absolutely, and we’ll uncover these 3 tactics inside of this episode.


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  • Google Trends
  • Magazine Heaven

Show Value Bombs:

  1. Analyze trends to see if your niche is trending up or down
  2. See if there is any big money being thrown around in advertisement
  3. Are there opportunities for low, mid, high & subscription based offers.

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Oscar M. Garcia is an online direct response expert. He is a sought-after consultant, coach, and speaker specializing in research, facebook ads, funnel implementation, and email sales sequences. Win the freedom you want online when you leverage Oscar Garcia's expertise and experience.

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