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March 23, 2020

Ep #029 Your Idea Is Set, What’s Next?

You have an awesome idea for a business, great! But what comes next? In this episode we dive into the first few steps you should take so that you can make forward progress. This episode is all about executing and getting all the pieces to work coherently.


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Show Value Bombs

  • Always start with your offer.
  • Remember that people only care about how you can solve their problems.
  • Create your content around your offer, not your business.

Show Notes


  • The biggest thing that most entrepreneurs in this stage of their business face is not knowing what to do first.
  • Should I build a website first? Should I do a funnel?
  • You know all these other things.


  • Your market has a problem and that your business is there to provide a solution.
  • That offer needs to be substantial to the point where someone’s willing to pay you for the offer that you’re making.
  • Figure out our offer first so that way we can design content to reinforce our offer so that we.
  • Give our somewhere to go.


  • Now once you have the offer in, you’re going to have to break that offer down all the way too free.
  • Start with our offer and then we break it down.
  • You’re less likely to go out to a complete stranger and say, would you marry me?


  •  Start to build the relationship.
  • Your sales funnel is also a series of steps going from free all the way up to your offer.


  • Simple funnel means you have some kind of ad source or traffic or content piece that is going to send traffic to a landing page
  • That traffic will sign up in exchange for something for free, like a PDF, a video, a training,
  • After that you then can make an offer, okay?
  • You start with your offer and you break down that offer and you create content around the offer so you can strengthen your call to action.

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Oscar Garcia

Oscar Garcia is a sought-after consultant, coach, and speaker specializing in online marketing and host of the highly rated podcast, "The OMG! Show,"

After pulling out his 401K and diving head first into muddy waters, he quickly built a half-million dollar business in only eight months. Over the past few years, he's dedicated himself to growing businesses through proven systems and sound strategies that produce conversion rates of 70%+ and ROI's of 200% or more. When he's not focused profitable paid traffic funnels, you can find him traveling the country or sipping on a nice refreshing mojito.

- Oscar 

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