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April 3, 2020

BTB Ep #008 Opening You Eyes to What is Possible With Javier A. Carlin

In this episode of Burning The Boats, we are joined by Javier A. Carlin who is a physical therapist, co-owner of a private practice, a career coach, and the founder of the life coaching academy for healthcare professionals. Javier helps us discover how to make decisions based on your values, how to quickly adapt to the circumstances around you, and how now it the most opportunistic time to think.


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  • None in this episode.

Show Value Bombs:

  1. Now is the perfect time to THINK.
  2. As you find opportunities in your business, make sure they align with your core beliefs.
  3. It’s now more important than ever to not change the identity of your business, but how it does business.

Watch The Episode:

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