February 27

Oscar Garcia of OMG Marketing: Brands and Businesses Need Funnels


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Marvel&Friends has been highlighting a lot of small business owners and artists who have created resounding presences for themselves, and our next interview featuring Oscar Garcia of OMG Marketing and Associates is a much more unique interview. Airing on Monday, February 27, 2017 at 5pm on GoodKnocking Radiothis interview marks the 17th episode of my show, and delivers a message to businesses, brands, and even artists like nothing we’ve had before.

OMG Marketing and Associates is a digital marketing agency founded by USF Alumnus, Oscar Garcia, and focuses on consulting through coaching for not only improving online business presence but online business success. Our interview uniquely centered on defining success through social media that went beyond just large numbers of followers, but instead into the nitty gritty of developing processes that lead to successfully targeting and reaching business’ and brands’ target audience. Sounds simply, right? Well, if it were that simple, everyone would be doing it. But the trends Oscar discusses are definitely growing trends and the new waves that social media is bringing for businesses of all sizes.

So, what are we talking about? Advertising.

According to Garcia, many small businesses cannot afford to invest what it takes to purchase billboard spots and, when they can, they often cannot quantify the success or new lead generation from billboards. So, Facebook ,Instagram, Twitter, and soon even Snapchat are delivering easy-to-use business solutions that specifically target and set target audiences for social media pages. According to a November 2016 report by HubSpot, Facebook ads – reaching over 1.8 Billion global users – are effective because they encompass visuals, relevance, valuable propositioning, and most importantly, clear call to action.

Discussing everything from implementing marketing and sales into every business and brand, to the insight and testimony of what it took to get OMG Marketing started, Oscar takes it there. With absolute candidness, down-to-earth perspective, and even professional (he was sporting a pretty snazzy sport jacket), Oscar has a lot to bring to the microphone, so be sure to tune in this Monday on Marvel&Friends, streaming from GKNET, also available on TuneIn and Streema.

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