Attract LOCALS To Your Business With Facebook Ads!

People in your area are using Facebook everyday in their lives, let’s put an ad in front of them and send them to your business!

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With Me, You'll:

  • Sit back and relax as I do all the heavy lifting
  • Get in front of the right people at the right time
  • Get off the content creation hamster wheel
  • Get your ad up and running in 1 week

Your Business Needs More People

You know that your customers are using Facebook on the daily and you know that if you could just get more of them to see your business, chances are your business will increase.

Well you’re thinking right

Your next potential customers are on Facebook and they’re seeing ads for everything… except for your business.

It’s not your fault… you’re not supposed to be the Facebook Ads expert.

It’s time we change that…

Let's Set Up A Facebook Ad For Your Local Business That Drives More Traffic

Here’s how that works:

1. Figure Out The RIGHT Strategy

We get on a Zoom call and figure out what strategy is best for you.

Whether you want to offer something for free to entice people to come in or simply let people know about your services, we’ll figure out the right method for you. 

2. Connect Your Business & Facebook

Then I make sure your business and Facebook are playing nice and all the tech "behind the scenes" is connected properly.

This means that I set up the Facebook pixel correctly on your website so you can track visitors, upload any customer lists you might have, and make sure all the settings are correct. 

3. Create The Ad Campaign

From there, I’ll create an ad campaign around the goal we discussed on the call.

This tells Facebook to find the RIGHT people who are most likely going to do the thing you want them to do!

4. Target The Right People

After the campaign objective is selected, I’ll tell Facebook where to place your ad, who to show it too, and in what locations (down to the zip codes) you want your ad to be seen.

This is KEY in getting more local traffic to your business. 

5. Create Ad, Approve, & Launch!

Now it's time to finally create your ad with compelling copy and media.

I'll create the ad, send it to your for approval, and once you "OK" it, I'll submit it to Facebook. From there, Facebook will approve your add and then it's time to launch!

This is the actual ad your potential customers are going to see when they pop open their Facebook feed.

Sample ad only. Yours will be custom tailored to your business and location.

And that’s it!

You’ll have a Facebook ad that is going to send more people in your area to your business!

By now, you are probably wondering…

Why Trust Me?

Bonneville Salt Flats - Utah 2020

Odds are you don't know me... that's cool... makes sense since I’m cold emailing you... lame, I know...

I don't have a yacht, a jet, or even a house for that matter.

I'm just a dude that converted his van into a mobile home and office that travels the country and guess what... I love it!

After a stint in the corporate world, I decided to jump ship and start my own business. For the past 6 years I’ve been helping business owners improve their online marketing to scale their business.

I’ve spoken on stages across the country, I currently host the highly rated podcast “The OMG! Show,” and I’m excited to help more businesses like yours take advantage of the amazing opportunities available to them with online marketing.

Just like with JR below...


JR Haworth - Founder - Renegade Soccer Training

Now, Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room…

Can I guarantee a return on your investment? No way. I wish I could. 

All business entails risk and driving traffic is just one part of the equation… the other is conversion.

Perhaps the website didn’t load right, an employee at your business had an off day, the power goes out, the stars and moon didn’t align… for whatever reason, that person did not buy…

But what I can guarantee is that within a week, you'll have a Facebook ad is driving more local traffic to your business and...

With that in mind, we'll be able to get in front of the right people in your area, send them to your business, and they are more likely to convert than other channels.

If that sounds good then...

Here Is Everything You're Going To Get

Here’s What to Do Next to Get Started…

Once payment is complete, you’ll be redirected to schedule a quick call with me at a date and time that works best for you. We'll go over the strategy for your ad campaign and go over how to grant me access to your Facebook account. 

Then I get to work and build out your Facebook Ad campaign. When I'm done, I'll send it to you for review and approval. Once you approve, we submit the ad to Facebook and wait for them to approve it (usually takes 24-48 hours).

Once Facebook approves the ad, your ad is ready to go!

All this happens within a week for a quick turnaround!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What Happens After The Ads Are Launched?

Great question! For your records, I’ll give you a video walk through of everything I did step-by-step, and show you how you can manage the ad. This includes increasing or decreasing the budget, changing the text and media, turning it on or off. That way you have total control. 

How Much Money Do I Need to Budget?

I’d recommend about $500/month which comes out to about $17/day however we can go as low as $5/day or $150/month. The amount you spend per day will affect the amount of traffic you’ll be able to send to your business. You can always start low and increase over time. 

Is There Any Ongoing Support Available?

If you’d like ongoing ad management after the ad is launched, it is available at an additional cost and as long as there are spots available. However, if you do have questions, support is available through email. 

Am I Going To Be Working With You or Someone on Your Team?

Nope. You work with me and will communicate with me. I do all the work and make sure everything is built according to the plan we create. 

I’ve Boosted Posts Before on Facebook and It Didn’t Work, Will This Work?

Unfortunately, boosting posts is one of the worst things you can do on Facebook because you have no control over your campaign goal or targeting. It’s a quick way to give all your money to the “Zuckerberg Fund” and they don’t need anymore. I won’t be boosting posts but rather using Facebook Ads Manager to create an actual ad campaign that can drive results for your business.

How Long Will The Ads Be Running For?

As long as you want. We can set them up to run indefinitely or to run only at certain times.