March 15

Embrace Your Intimidations: Your Business Will Thank You


Good morning and happy hump day!

So I have to be honest with you….I almost froze this morning.

Apparently, the snow storm came down to Florida overnight because it was so cold.

I can’t imagine it being lower than 46 degrees…that’s crazy talk.

Luckily that didn’t stop me from my morning walkabout when a thought came to my head.

Embrace your intimidation.


You see, over the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking of a master plan…

Something that would be really cool for all of you and something I know will help hundreds, maybe, if not thousands of people.

Now all of this is still inside my head and bits of exist here and there on pieces of paper but really it is still just an idea.

This morning, I started to think about why I haven’t been able to take action upon it when I realized that I was intimidated by it…

I was intimidated by everything that I would have to do, create, integrate, implement, market, write, shoot, edit, rehearse, practice, re-shoot…

My head is going at a 100 mile per hour just “thinking” about everything that it leaves me standing still…intimidated.

I see this happen too many times with my clients.

They get caught up thinking about everything that could be and never take any action.

The become so intimidated by their own potential that they end up doing what they do best – creating more awesome ideas.

Now don’t get me wrong, ideas are cool, however, ideas become great when you can bring them into reality – especially if it is going to help a lot of people along the way.

You see, we get intimidated by our potential because it means having to leave a place of comfort.

And that means doing the hard work.

In a place and time when we want instant gratification and results right away, hard work is a hard sell.

Yet, I believe that if you have an idea or solution that will help a lot of people, then it is your responsibility to make it happen.

So stop thinking of new ideas and pick one you really like, one that will really make an impact, and go for it.

Either you do it yourself or you find someone to help you.

But get it done.

And that all starts by taking action.

Action creates momentum – which you can then leverage later on.

The point is that once we can embrace our intimidations – we can begin to turn the wheel that allows us to help others and our business.

So what is something that you have had in the back of your head for a while that you haven’t taken action on?

One you have that, hold onto it.

Then ask yourself “What are the three biggest hurdles you are going to have to overcome in order to get it done?”

Got it? Cool…

Now pretend you are the leading expert and have every resource available, list three ways you would overcome those hurdles.

Did you get that done?

Awesome, congratulations, now get to work.



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