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How to Choose A Market That Doesn’t Suck

Here are a few tips I picked up over the last few years when choosing a market to start a business in (there are a lot of other factors to consider but here are my quick three)

So let’s get into it…

The first thing that you want to do when choosing a market is picking one that you are either A) passionate about or B) interested in.

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I'm Pretty Sure This Will Help You Build Your Audience On Facebook.

I’m Pretty Sure This Will Help You Build Your Audience On Facebook.

Hey there!

I’m coming to you live tonight after one of the best conversations I have had in a while.

So I just had to share.

A close friend of mine is thinking about starting a new venture and one of the questions he asked me was:

“Hey Oscar, how can I build an audience on Facebook with little to no money?”

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These Two Numbers Simplify Your Entire Business

These Two Numbers Simplify Your Entire Business

Hey there, Happy Wednesday!

I don’t know about you but I hate when I have to play “catch-up.”

It really grinds my gears because I feel I lose all momentum.

Everything gets pushed back, my to-do lists, my deliverables, my goals, my results…

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Online Marketing Is Not -Easy-

Online Marketing Is Not “Easy”

Good morning!

It is such as beautiful morning today on this 4th of July.

Birds are chirping, not one cloud in the sky – even the sun isn’t as hot as it normally is.

I’m really excited because today is one of my favorite holidays. For all the good and the bad, I am proud to be an American. For me, I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance every morning and to this day, still, tear up when I hear the national anthem.

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I'm With You, It Really Gets Tough At Times...

I’m With You, It Really Gets Tough At Times…

So it’s Friday.

As I’m sitting here writing this email to you. I can’t help but reflect on the past week…

And that leads me to begin thinking about the past month, about the past year.

Many times, I feel great about where I am today compared to where I was a little over two years ago.

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Your Customers Don't Know What They Want

Your Customers Don’t Know What They Want

I hope your Thursday is starting off right.

Mine started off a bit slow….feeling a little groggy.

Probably because I was finishing up a new blog post that I think you are really going to like.

But I’m feeling a bit of a rush now. You see, yesterday I was at Barnes & Nobel and now today I find myself sitting inside of a Starbucks.

I don’t know about you, but I get a solid dose of caffeine as soon as I walk through the door.

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Three Principles That Will Help Your Sales Message.

Three Principles That Will Help Your Sales Message.

Hey there,

good morning and happy Wednesday.

Today I am coming to you live from Barnes & Nobel (my cable is still out) and I figured I talk today about how to help improve the copy on your sales message.

I get that figuring out what text or copy to put on your website and other marketing materials can be sort of difficult at times.

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Protect your business with copy-

Protect your business with copy?

Hey there and happy Tuesday!

Today I am coming to you from my local library!


Well because my HOA decided to tear up my driveway and in the process, the jackhammer went right through my cable wire.

So, I was off the grid for a couple hours, and let me tell you…it’s a scary thing not being connected.

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SMART Goals Suck….Sports Are Cool

I feel it has been so long since I have last posted.

I got caught up in the daily grind of managing clients and running a business. (I know, I know, excuses)

To be honest, I was actually refining and planning.

I was refining my current processes and planning what it is that I actually want to achieve by the end of the year since almost 50% of 2017 is gone.

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