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Brewing Business With ChatGPT

Use AI to create assets that'll help you attract more of the RIGHT customers, build your list faster, and generate sales  - in less than an hour. 

Save Time. Grow Faster.

I Don't Know My Audience

Say goodbye to the wild goose chase of figuring out your target market! With ChatGPT's help, you'll be sipping margaritas while it uncovers your audience's needs and pain points, and serves up the perfect approach. No more guessing, no more assuming, no more wasted effort. Rather than scrolling through social groups, cranking out content, or blindly shooting in the dark, let ChatGPT do the heavy lifting for you.

I Don't Know What to Offer

Stop guessing what your target market wants. We'll use AI to do the brainstorming for us and unlock the secrets of what will ACTUALLY attract more of the RIGHT people you want to do business with. We'll find the RIGHT lead magnet you can use to grow your email list - fast, and make sure it gives your market a quick win so they look forward to doing more business with you. This is all about taking action and implementing!

I Don't Have Enough Time

Everyone needs a funnel. The problem? They take a long time to produce, especially if your busy running a business. Now, there is no need to spend countless months on funnel building. In less than an hour, we'll create the right lead magnet, landing page, ads, and create a 7-day email sequence that nurtures your new subscribers and sells your course! Let's crank up the speed and start seeing results ASAP!

Inside This Workshop, I'll show you exactly how to...

1. Identify Market Problems

We're going to get painfully specific in who exactly you can help and how. On top of that, we'll find the "root" problems that are keeping your market up at night so that we have a solid base to build on top of. 

2. Build A Lead Magnet Your Market Wants

We'll use ChatGPT's power to determine the different types of lead magnets that your market will find valuable - which is key for list growth. We'll take it a step further and have the AI do 90% of the creation for it. 

3. Create A Landing Page That Converts

Now we need a way to get your audience to opt into your list. Here's we'll use ChatGPT to create landing page copy for us that speaks exactly to our target market and positions our lead magnet as a "Must-Have."

4. Write Ads That Drive Traffic

There is nothing better than being able to own your traffic. To do this, we need ads. We'll use ChatGPT to create compelling ads that get more clicks regardless of what platform you want to use to drive traffic.

5. Create An Email Sequence That Sells

Now that we have people on your list, what's next? Here we'll create a 7-day email sequence you can use to increase your "Know, Like, & Trust" factor, establish authority, and generate sales. 

6. The Do's & Don'ts of ChatGPT

As Uncle Ben once said "With great power comes great responsibility," we're going to look at how you can use AI responsibly by covering some of the limitations for the platform so you can use it with confidence. 

Yes! You could have all of this completed for your business in about an hour.

Damn... This Was EXCELLENT!

That was an epic training! I didn't know some of the tricks you shared (Stephen King!) and I love the way you broke down everything from burning pains, to offer, to titles, to landing page copy, to ad copy... damn... this was EXCELLENT!


Spot Your Niche? That means this workshop can help you...

  • Gardening
  • Video editing
  • Cooking
  • Guitar
  • Relationships
  • Soccer
  • Camper conversion
  • Prepping/Survival
  • Real estate
  • Podcasting
  • Public speaking
  • Email marketing
  • Taxes
  • Sleep better
  • Fitness
  • Autoimmune & Hormones
  • Coaching
  • Software skills
  • Woodworking & Carpentry
  • Auto detailing
  • and many more!

Brewing Business With ChatGPT

Use AI to create assets that'll help you attract more of the RIGHT customers, build your list faster, and generate sales  - in less than an hour. 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $27

1 Hour Brewing Business With ChatGPT Workshop

Bonus 1: Paid Ads For Course Creators Checklist

Bonus 2: Use AI to create a 30, 60, or 90-day Organic Content Calendar for Podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and More

You Down With (Chat)GPT? Yeah You Know Me!

This workshop featuring ChatGPT was awesome! The level of value of insane. You rocked it. Thanks for all you do!


Impact More of The People You Serve... Faster, With ChatGPT


And I Want You To Do Even Better...

I've launched sales funnels in multiple niches (mostly outside of the info-marketing space). 

I've sold thousands of courses through profitable paid traffic funnels. 

I've worked with hundreds of online business owners that are trying to leverage their knowledge for income. 

I've seen what works and what doesn't. Hands down the number #1 enemy when it comes to success is lack of implementation. 

Entrepreneurs that get stuck "over-thinking" rather than taking action. 

AI is here and ChatGPT is an amazing resource you can leverage to breakthrough those mental blocks and get you moving.

You have something amazing that help others for the better. Let's leverage the power of AI to take action, implement faster, and impact more lives!

Oscar Garcia


It Was Totally Worth It!

Most of all, I appreciate the value. It was well worth it. My time learning with you on how to use ChatGPT, was awesome. I used it for myself that night for a copywriting as well as for some clients the next day. I really appreciate that it was contextual, like you gave, real-time applications, how to speak to it, how to get it to work more for you and, uh, what to avoid so that you don't get general answers as well. So I think it was totally worth it


I Was Blown Away!

I have only gotten through the first few minutes and provided my own question about my niche...and I was blown away! I have used Jasper...but this is way better!


Got Questions? No Problem!

1. How Do I Access ChatGPT? Is it FREE?

Yes.  You can still create a FREE ChatGPT account. You'll just need to sign up for a research account on the OpenAI website. I show you how to do this inside of the workshop. Also, the "Plus" version of ChatGPT is only $20/Month and well worth the investment. 

2. What Is Included In This Offer?

This offer includes access to a hour workshop cut up into 6 modules. We'll stat with a quick review of what ChatGPT is and how to best use it. Then we'll go into using it to determine the problems in your market, creating a lead magnet, writing landing page copy, generating ads, and conclude with a 7-day email sequence. We'll also cover some of the best practices to using ChatGPT. This offer also includes a bonus checklist that'll help course creators have an overview of what they need before they start running ads and a bonus training on how course creators can use AI to create a 30, 60, or 90 day content calendar to drive traffic. 

3. How and When Will I Receive Access to The Workshop?

You will receive immediate access to the workshop in a private online members only area. After checkout, you'll be redirected to create your account. Once your account is set up, you can start the workshop right away. 

4. Is This Workshop Customizable to Fit My Specific Business?

The workshop is comprised of videos where you follow along to what I am doing with ChatGPT. You simply copy the prompts that I am using, modify a few words to fit your specific business or niche, and what the AI will give you will be tailored and relevant to your business. 

5. What is The Refund Policy For This Offer?

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of this workshop, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase by sending me an email. No questions asked. 

6. Does This Only Work For Businesses or Money-Making Niches?

Not at all. ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help anyone get organized and brainstorm a lot of really interesting ideas. The goal of this workshop is to help those that want to leverage their knowledge for income aka course creators, learn how to use ChatGPT for their business and begin to build their list rapidly. 

7. I Don't Have A Big Audience Yet. Will This Still Work For Me?

Yes! This will show you how to use ChatGPT to create the assets so that you CAN build an audience and leverage it down the road to grow your business. 

8. Will I Need A Bunch of Software or Tools?

No. We'll only be using ChatGPT for this workshop and that is totally free to use. 

9. Is This A Live Workshop?

No. This is a prerecorded workshop that has been edited down for time with extra elements included to better facilitate the experience. The idea is for you to watch quick training videos and follow along. By the end of the hour, you'll have all your assets completed. 

I Feel Really Empowered!

I didn’t know ChatGPT and wasn’t sure it was for me. I wanted to finally know how it works and potentially build an app with it, so needed to get started and learn how it works. I loved how you very smart and carefully crafted questions to get to your goals. I wouldn’t have even imagined ask these questions this way. I’ve created a blog post and an email so far and have ideas about my next lead magnet. I feel really empowered and creating content was really a big problem in my business and something that started to make me lose confidence. I totally recommend this workshop!

Virginie Hulot Mirkov

Brewing Business With ChatGPT

Use AI to create assets that'll help you attract more of the RIGHT customers, build your list faster, and generate sales  - in less than an hour. 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $27

1 Hour Brewing Business With ChatGPT Workshop

Bonus 1: Paid Ads For Course Creators Checklist

Bonus 2: Use AI to create a 30, 60, or 90-day Organic Content Calendar for Podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and More

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