How to Build Your Email List & Bring In $5K-$10K A Month (or More) To Your Business Without Creating "More" Content or Doing More of "Everything"

Not gonna lie, building a sales funnel is not easy... 

You know that you've got something to offer the marketplace with the potential to make a HUGE impact for a LOT of people (and the opportunity to have financial freedom in the process)...

But right now, you probably feel like you're spinning your wheels and aren't getting any traction, don't you?

You're not sure what to do next to get more eyeballs onto your offer and generate higher profits - automatically - by attracting the exact clients and customers you need to grow your business.

I'm not going to say that "I've been in your shoes" but I will say that I know what it's like. I also know what it's like to have ONE funnel that produces $50K+ month - without a sales team, without creating a crazy amount of content, and without all the fancy "tech" tools.  

How is this possible?

Look, I'm not here to sell you the dream of a "2 Comma Club" award or tell you that I have some "easy" button solution but I will tell you that it is possible to automate how you build your list and generate sales... and that you can do it in a way that brings in some realistic but life-changing cash. 

So what's the "deal"? Is there some kind of "secret sauce"? Some "hack" that I use?

It's Time You Had An Actual Business Rather Than An Expensive Hobby!

After successfully building online sales funnels for the past 7 years, I've become pretty good at knowing what is going to work... and what isn't. Through endless A/B split tests, tweaking, modifying... and chasing higher conversions (through actual businesses I run outside of business coaching).

Look, if you're reading this, there's a good chance you're like me.

You want to help people. You want to live life on your terms. You want to build a business that is honest, authentic, and provides real value... but that also gives you financial freedom to explore other options (which is totally ok!)

But there is just so much noise that it's hard to figure out what exactly your next step should be. 

It's like trying to find something new to watch on Netflix, get overwhelmed at all the choices, and just end up picking something you've already seen...

Doubt, fear, and frustration starts to sink in and you're stuck in this repetitive cycle that leaves you gassed without any results... 

Chances are you already have some kind of "customer acquisition" process in place... the real question is how well does it actually work for you...

Here are some questions to ask yourself...

  • Is the content I'm creating actually growing my business? Not "likes" or "Comments" but actual bottom line?
  • Are people visiting my website but no one is really signing up for my "Join my newsletter..." or "Free Consultation"?
  • Do I continue to do "cold out-reach" and "pretend" to have a real conversation with someone just so I can sell them something?
  • I have access to all this fancy tech (WordPress, ThriveThemes, Kajabi, Kartra, ClickFunnels, Shopify, Samcart, Etc) but haven't used them at all...
  • I'm tired of offering free "strategy calls" where I'm not sure exactly how to make the sales pitch at the end and still feel good about myself...
  • I put all this time and effort into my website and blog posts, making sure it's optimized and SEO friendly but all it does is collect digital dust...
  • I paid for ads to send traffic to my website but nothing happened...
  • My email list hasn't grown in the past few months and I'm talking to the same people over and over again...
If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions... then you know your process NEEDS to be fixed...

See you're not alone. The biggest challenge in growing your business…

It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge...

It’s a lack of EXECUTION (or, not executing the right way)...

It's no wonder why so many quit...

So here's the deal, I've taken ALL my funnel "wins" and distilled it down to ONE step-by-step framework...


The 1-Day Funnel Workshop

You and a small group of entrepreneurs will spend one day on FOCUSED action and build your first (or next) sales funnel with guided coaching and instruction on a process that has been proven to work.  

See the whole "Just ONE Funnel Away" or "Build Your Next 6 Figure Funnel" or "400K With No Website" are nice ideas, but the thing is, you have to ACTUALLY build the funnel first.

But the truth is, before we can talk about scaling your business, we need to make sure that you have a way to build your email list and convert those leads into customers. 

Not everyone is ready to buy from you right now, but that doesn't mean they won't buy from you later... which is why you need a system that allows you to do both. 

Once you have this in place... the whole idea of "making money in your PJ's" is totally doable.

With a sales funnel (that works), it's just easier to feel confident and feel motivated to do things that are going to actually grow your business, not your to-do list. 

Plus, when you have a sales funnel, you're no longer worried about whether next month you're going to be eating spaghetti or steak.

Why $5K-$10K?

That is some life changing money.

Yeah, you're not living a lavish lifestyle but that'll probably give you enough to leave your 9 to 5, maybe hire a VA to take some tasks off your plate, help you take care of some bills, cover your mortgage... I don't know, make you feel good about yourself?

The magic number that seems to be thrown out all the time is $10K but talking from experience, once you make enough to cover your bills and have some play money left over, it's all gravy. 

You're no longer wondering "Am I doing the right thing?"

Your mindset changes and you begin to focus on the things that actually move your business forward.

And don't get me wrong, you can totally make more - but it depends on what you want out of life and how your business is going to support that.

The key is IMPLEMENTATION. Stop consuming and start creating...

Which is why I decided to make this a LIVE workshop rather than a course or drag it out over weeks. 

We get in, we get out, and you have a funnel in place.

 The 1-Day Funnel Workshop 

Build Your First (Or Next) Sales Funnel... In One Day!

Yep, in one day.

This live workshop has been totally streamlined so that the entire process of creating your funnel is step by step, regardless of your tech. 

We start with some homework so that when you show up, you're ready to go. 

Then I start at the beginning and break-down all the elements of your sales funnel from landing page to upsell. 

From there I'll go through the entire process of writing the copy for each step (and you'll be building right alongside me).

By the end of this workshop, you'll have your entire list building and customer generating sales funnel created and the confidence to move forward. 

I'll also answer any and every question you might have so that you can avoid the mistakes that I made. 

You'll get what is working today, 100%.

Taking Action & Implementing, Guaranteed

By the end, I promise, you'll have every step of your sales funnel mapped out and ready to go. If you just want to sit and listen to me talk, this isn't for you (and my voice isn't that soothing). 

It's about EXECUTING. Rolling up your sleeves and getting it done. 

Believe me... the way you're going to help others, create content, promote, and do business is totally going to change - for the better. 

And you'll do it without feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious of having to do it by yourself. 

Who's Oscar Garcia?

Odds are you don't know me... that's cool... makes sense since I haven't been running ads posing in front of fast cars or in my garage with stacks of books... lame, I know...

I don't have a yacht, a jet, or even a house for that matter.

I'm a dude that converted his van into a mobile home and office that travels the country and guess what... I love it!

Instead of running "guru" ads I was busy building an online soccer training business (Renegade Soccer Training) from 0 to half a million in sales in less than a year on the back of a $27 product. 

But I love to help others and solve problems 

So I decided to do better for people like you - hard-working, ambitious, action takers who deserve the guidance of someone who's not a "guru" but runs their own business and can help be the catalyst that puts your business back into gear.

That's my van Gina and me at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Your greatest business asset is your list. And when it comes to building your list, Oscar is of of the best in the business. And what I love most about his style and content is it's REAL and immediately applicable. 

Ryan Lee

We did $665,000 in revenue on about $215,000 on Facebook Ads. That is over a 200% ROI but the kind of freedom that comes with that level of financial success is something that can't be overemphasized. We went from 20,000 emails to 80,000 emails. Crazy...

JR Haworth

If you want to get more leads, more customers and more clients, you need to have more conversions. There is nobody better than Oscar Garcia. In fact, he's my secret weapon and I almost don't want to tell you about him.

Martin Wales

Why Am I Doing This?

First, because if I know something that can help you, it's my moral responsibility to share that with you. I love solving problems, making the complex simple, and helping those around me rise. It's how we can all move forward.  

Second, the look in your eyes and the excitement I hear in your voice when you finally "get it." When you see how having a system like this can work for your business but more importantly, when you start to see results - it's pretty awesome. 

And of course, getting paid to do something you love isn't that bad either.

Plus, you're also getting...


Video Sales Letters That Convert

Video is amazing and it's an element that I use every time I build a funnel. Which is why I'm giving you the exact frameworks I use each and every time I need a video for my sales funnel. 

I used these videos to strengthen my argument and provide my visitors confidence that my solution is the best for them. They make my offer a total no-brainer. 

You'll get the framework for the video you need on your sales page and also the one you are going to use for your upsell. (Plus I'll share some tips on how to make this recording these videos super easy, from your phone!)

A Total $500 Value


Turn Your Customers Into Advocates

What's better than generating customers? Having your customer bring you more customers!

Word of Mouth marketing has always been and will continue to be the best way to acquire more leads and customers. In this training, I'll show you how you can set up your own referral program to super-charge your sales funnel - automatically, and turn your customers into loyal advocates!

A Total $300 Value

This Sound Great! When Is It?

The 1 Day Funnel Workshop is going to be Thursday March 24th, 2022 From 11:00 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST


You missed out!


1. Is This A Live Workshop?

YES! You'll also get the workshop recordings and handouts when you sign up. 

2. Is This For Newbies or Advanced Marketers?

If you don't have a sales funnel in place and you're not making $5K to $10K a month consistently, this is for you. 

3. What If I Sell Physical Products?

Yep, this can work for you too. 

4. Do I Need to Have Any Special Tech?

For this workshop you do not. We'll be working more so the strategy and the copy of each important element of your sales funnel. That way you can simply copy and paste what you create into whatever tech you are currently using. 

5. What Do You Mean, Build My Funnel In A Day?

Yep, you'll have all the elements you need to copy and paste into whatever tech you are using.

6. Do I Need to Have An Offer?

That would be ideal but not necessary.  If you are just starting out, this will be a great way to map out your offers and business strategy.

7. Will This Cover Webinars Or Sales Calls?

No. I'll address why in the workshop but the short version is, you want something you can implement fast, adjust fast if necessary, and doesn't sell your time. 

8. Who Is This Workshop For?

Course creators, coaches, service based businesses, e-commerce, physical goods, and more. 


You are fully protected by my 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If for any reason, you feel this workshop was not worth it, just let me know and I'll refund you your investment, no questions asked.

Let's make this happen, together!

- Oscar